“I Cried for 6 Months”

That was her answer when I asked her if she misses her son when he is studying in Singapore.

This weekend is stay-in weekend as I am rather tired from the travelling and I have a backlog of stuffs to work on. Therefore I put a pause to my travelling plans and get my ass down to start working on tasks I am suppose to edit. However, it happens that the professor in charge of my research program needs some help for his spring summer cleaning. My research-mates and me therefore volunteered to help him out this Sunday afternoon.

This promise was given on Friday evening.

36 hours later, lathargic sets in and the three of us staying under one roof had really high inertia to move out on a sunny Sunday morning. We discussed and pondered whether we should go. In the end, (with the encouragements from overseas,) I decided to go and the other two stayed indoors.

And so the party of four was halved.

When me and Wang Gang met the professor, he announced that his wife will be cooking Cambodian curry for us (both of them are Cambodians). It was a very thoughtful arrangement as they understood that we “children” are far away from home and would miss home cooked meals. This is also because honestly, you can’t really get decent food in London. Whilst the wife was busy preparing dinner, we guys were clearing the garage of the stockpile of clothes, bringing them to the nearby donation centre, carrying mattress from the basement and upper level to the garage, moving a treadmill from the living room to the garage, and clearing the backyard.

But that took only 40% of our stay there.

Most of the other time were spent watching the shocking soccer match between Turkey and Czech (shocking because of the twist in events and not because I was acutally watching a soccer match). We also watched the BBC News that I realized had an intensly depressing opening and closing music. I also browsed through the huge collection of books that the professor owned (he believed that it’s close to a thousand). The professor was also enthusiastic in sharing the books that he strongly recommend, and his philosophies in life.

Then came dinner.

Dinner was Cambodian curry as promised and it was good. It’s like the curry you have in Singaore, minus much of the spiciness. With the curry, we had a choice of just-toasted bread, rice, and meat or turnip puffs. I had them all. Then it closed with strawberries topped with freshly prepared whip cream. Oh, and I had wine for the first time in Canada too.

Then came the (more important) chit chat session.

I had a short chat with the wife when the professor was busy searching for another book to recommend us. That was the time when I realized that (sadly) I prefer small talks about people’s life rather than about philosophies, and debate about the credibility of Singapore’s education system and government. Anyways, it happens that my professor sent his son to Singapore for his secondary school education (at ACS in fact). So as an opening, I randomly asked the wife if she misses her son. I was shocked by her answer and it made me wonder how my mother feels the past one month. Then she follows up by the question, “So does your mother calls you everyday?” My answer was she didn’t, but upon more reflections, maybe a more correct answer should be “she wants to but didn’t”. Then we moved on to other lighter topics… She packed lots of food for us to bring home. And even let us choose the tidbits that she bought for her son but who didn’t have time to eat them all (He came back for holidays three weeks ago and went back to Singapore last week). And she invited us to come to her house for food if we need home cooked food.

“Aww… Don’t tempt me, otherwise I’d be addicted…”

Random Thoughts

  • I have more motivations to type out this post because I didn’t dare to take out my camera and take photos. Therefore I am not able to record down my memories using my camera. Moreover, more people are requesting for more personal and less technical entries… So here you go…
  • I didn’t have time for lunch and therefore ate fries with beef gravy and cheese as a quick lunch option. I see this option at almost every place that sell fries and therefore gave it a try. It’s not bad, but not perfect too. When my professor saw me eating that, he said that it’s Poutine, “a quintessential Canadian comfort food, especially but not exclusively among Québécois.” My head sounded a huge alarm when he added that it’s a high calorie food meant to allow the Québécois to fight the cold during winter. I DON’T WANT TO BE FAT~!
  • I kind of regret not having drank wine/beer when the weather was much cooler. London is usually 20℃ nowadys and it’s considered as too warm to drink. It would have been the perfect weather back then but I kept thinking that I’d have the chance to drink on another day. What a waste~
  • Both of them offered to bring us to watch a movie but unfortunately I have things to complete back at home. But they still sent me back home and will be watching a movie with Wang Gang after that…

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