SYTYCD Season 4 Top 20 Picks

So You Think You Can Dance is back~!!! The past few weeks have been the auditions episodes which were boring as usual. But finally the Top 20 episode is here~! Here are 2 dance items which I believe are best in terms of choreography and performance.

Thayne & Chelsea T.

to the song Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix) by Celia Cruz

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I like to dance cha-cha like them too~! Here are what I like about the dance:

  • 00:17 – The finger pointing action was done with so much energy~
  • 00:30 – I like the kick that Chelsea did. And the follow-up lift is cool too~!
  • 00:40 – With the screams from the audience, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that bum-twirling action is hot. Haha…
  • 00:55 – This action is quite nice too. Very smooth~
  • 01:13 – The 一高一低 part is interesting! And I love the way Thayne recovers from the kneeling position.
  • 01:22 & 01:27 – Chelsea’s leg are like a knife slicing through the air.

Joshua & Katee

to the song No Air by Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a very different hip-hop. A very good mix of the emotional, lyrical portions with the low and hard hitting hip-hop movements. And it’s been a long time seeing a female Asian dancer in the program~

  • 00:16 – I totally liked the way the dance started. The choreography matches the music totally. And the pain in her expression… Not too bad at all…
  • 00:41 – An extended period of pair work. Very synchronized movements. Extremely synchronized in fact.
  • 00:48 – Nice lift. I want to learn this one.
  • 00:53 – Expressions and the movement in being pulled back > full marks!
  • 01:18 – I liked the fact that the girl is actually being lifted up by her partner.
  • 01:28 – This part is a little cheesy… But not bad la~

Random Thoughts

  • I thought Katee’s lipstick was a little too red and bright for my liking. Probably they are depicting the Vietnam War period.
  • Wade Robson did another zombie-like number for the opening of the results show. Again?!
  • Another reason why I didn’t really enjoyed watching the previous episodes of SYTYCD this season is because of the nagging feeling that my ankle will not recover soon enough. It can be frustrating some days when I am wearing my socks and the simple action of sitting on my leg can bring pain. URGHs~ I hope this will be over soon.
  • Embedding videos in my blog has become difficult once again. Luckily I found how to bypass the bug. Grr~

2 thoughts on “SYTYCD Season 4 Top 20 Picks

  1. wah!! SYCYCD is back!!!!!!!!
    i have been watching some austrialian(which has an v flexible Asian dancer too!) and european version!

    NICE!!!!!!!i like the 2nd dance, which if im not wrong, its lyrical hiphop!!
    lyrical lyrical lyrical…. i simply like lyrical!!! nice movement and with emotion/expression, and at the same time, require dance technique…

    agreed that its v synchronized and i like the part 0:52, every creative… and the ending part as well… but i dont like the gal’s pant…

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