WWDC 2008 Keynote

This has to be one of the rare times in my life that I get to know what’s happening during Steve Job’s WWDC Keynote in the afternoon. No more staying up at 3am Singapore time~! And therefore, it’s back to the usual business of refreshing MacRumors.com, Engadget, The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Ars Technica once every minute. Heh~ And for the first time, I am tracking the keynote via TWiT Live. It’s interesting having someone providing audio commentary on the keynote and sharing the excitement of the keynote by the second.

The opening of the keynote is boring as usual, as it usually begins with a review of what has been discussed from the previous keynote. And it’s followed by what other developers have done with the iPhone SDK beta. Then comes MobileMe. This is a the service which Apple believes can help you (or me) sync the information between different computers you own and make them available 24/7, on the Internet. At 99USD per year for the integrated calendar, address book, 20GB of storage, I am only that slightly moved. (I am currently paying 20USD per year for 10GB of storage from Google.) For now, I believe I can still live with using Gmail, Google Calendar, and maintain my address book on my own. And with a phone with 3G that can access the internet almost everywhere, I can reach the services anytime, anywhere anyways.

Wait, did I mention a 3G phone? Let me quote something from an advertisement released by Apple today:

It’s finally here. The first phone to beat the iPhone. […] Introducing, the new iPhone 3G.

Watch the advertisement in high resolution here. It got me giggling like an idiot in the office. I really liked the moment when the security box slides open.

The reason why I am giggling is simple: the iPhone 3G has all the new features, and it comes at an even lower price. A 8GB iPhone3G comes at 199USD, and a 16GB iPhone 3G comes at 299USG only. And they even manage to sell the iPhone at the same price across the world. This is Apple focused on taking over the mobile phone world. iPhone 3G will be available to 25 countries first, on July 11. And it’s be reaching the rest of the world, totalling the number of countries carrying iPhone to 70, later in 2008. This includes Singapore. (It was said in TWiT Live that this part of the Keynote was introduced using “It’s a Small World” song. I would really like to see how this was pulled off.)

Other coming with 3G features, iPhone now has built in GPS. No more taking photos of maps displayed on my MacBook Pro with my camera and squinting at it on the road. No more wondering when is the next junction to turn on the streets. WHOO~!

And iPhone will soon allow users to officially install applications into their phones through the App Store. One of the frequently asked feature was to allow applications to run in the background so that applications that need a certain level of persistence can continue to alert the users when there is a new event. Imagine having MSN alert you of new messages when someone messages you when you were reading my blog. This was not possible in the beta versions of the SDK, because having applications running in the background will just run the battery flat very much quicker. Today, Apple has posted an ingenious solution. Apple will allow applications to push those updates through Apple’s servers, which will maintain a persistent IP connection. Then Apple will push over WiFi or cell network the notification to the cell phone. Clever~ Providing solutions that software developers need without compromising anything.

So THAT’S IT. I’m extremely sure what I am going to get for myself for my birthday gift of the year. Please please please don’t buy me anything and just contribute to my Get-nzj-an-iPhone Foundation. Thank you. 😀


3 thoughts on “WWDC 2008 Keynote

  1. On second thoughts, it is actually very attractive to have an email address that is like [something]@me.com. Super short and sweet. Oh no… Dilemma…

  2. wooo! are they really gg to let it out at USD199/299?! unbelievable. they’re released in the markerts on 11July. tt’s today!!
    man i’m tempted.

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