Travelling to Niagara Falls

What seemed to be a smart plan did not worked out at all… And that made what usually is just a sentence/paragraph of description on the journey to Niagara Falls turned into a post itself.

After much research on the Internet, we found which should provide us with the cheapest bus ride to the Niagara Falls. After hashing through the website, we went ahead with the phone reservation and look forward to the Saturday morning.

And so on Saturday morning, me and Ha woke up early and took the bus that will bring us to the waiting point. We reached the venue almost 1 hour earlier as there wasn’t anymore connecting bus service from our house before 945am. After much waiting… The bus finally came~!

We joined the queue. When we were almost next in line, the ticketing person stopped the guy in front of us saying, “No bags allowed on the bus!” OH OH… Huge alarms going off in my brain. He said the same to us, adding “We are not going to provide you with free transport to the Niagara Falls if you are not visiting the casino.”

That was a rude shock. He was right that we aren’t going to the Niagara Falls FOR the casino. But no where in the website did it mention that luggages are not allowed onto the bus~! We composed ourselves and came up with another plan almost immediately: We will travel to downtown and catch the next commercial bus that brings us to Niagara Falls. (We had to travel to Niagara Falls on that day and stay over because we had already made reservations at the hostel.)

Is this a sign from up above to remain positive and look forward to the trip? Haha…

Fast forward till when we finally have bought the bus tickets and are finally boarding the bus at the bus transit terminal~!

The bus ride was comfy? Not too sure about what happened over the whole journey because I basically slept through the whole ride. Two hours ten minutes later, it’s welcome to Toronto.

First impression of Toronto? Meh~ Not very impressive. There was lots of construction going on and some  streets were gritty. But the general feel improved along the way as we searched for food in Chinatown. Modern bus stop design, art works on display at multiple locations and great architecture designs.

We then finally found a restaurant that we both are interested in and fits our budget. I ordered a bowl of lamb meat lamian. Eating that after having been eating Western and Vietnamese meals for two weeks feels totally shiok~

Then it’s back to the Toronto bus transit terminal and get ourselves to Niagara Falls finally…

That took us another two hours…

Random Thoughts

  • While waiting for the bus that’d bring us to downtown, I thought about why I was shocked when I was given the rude treatment. Then I realized that people in London have generally been nice and friendly to me. Tsk tsk tsk… The pollutive power of the money laundering casinos. Probably the driver was from Niagara Falls and not from London too.
  • The building under construction in Toronto belongs to Art Gallery of Ontario. It’s such a huge pity that the construction will only be done by Fall. 😦
  • I realized that transportation to anywhere is going to be expensive since I am based in London, a non-transportation hub not like Toronto. Therefore 90% of the time, I have to pay additional money and spend extra time traveling to Toronto first and transiting there. Then again, if I am not based in London, I won’t be able to enjoy the friendliness of people living in a small town and the fresh air from the forest city. Dilemma~

2 thoughts on “Travelling to Niagara Falls

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