First Weekend Part 2

Remember the London Academy of Dance building? I approached the building to first see that all visitors to the building must wear hard hats before entering. Hard hats? Then I saw the below notice…

Chey… The building was long abandoned. Move along~!

Next we discovered another church, equally majestic as the other churches I’ve already seen.

And the walking encyclopedia Wang Gang told me that there are advantages to those round corner towers. I’ve forgotten his exact words but Wikipedia says:

The Roman engineer Vitruvius was the first to note the three main advantages of round corner towers: more efficient use of stone, improved defence against battering rams and improved field of fire.


Then a random sighting: a squirrel lazing on a bench in the park; and even more squirrels… How can real life squirrels look so cuddly and cute?! I wanna kidnap them to Singapore and make them live in MacRitchie Reservoir.

Moving on to another park, we encounter even more animals. Personally I believe that Singapore kids are missing out a lot when they do not get the chance to interact with these animals in their daily life. In the end, you have urban kids old men like me who takes numerous photos of such animals.

Next up, Museum London. For a museum, the architecture is surprisingly modern, with clean lines and metal finishing. The raw feel that the unpolished concrete gives inside the museum is different from the usual museums too.

Why was this photo taken at such a weird angle you ask? Because photos are not supposed to be taken. But well… I couldn’t control myself… Haha… Anyways, the museum has numerous art pieces on display but one that had me gasped in shock was those by Matthew Carver. His works are inspired by anamorphosis, which is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. Don’t get what I mean? Just go ahead and take a look at his online portfolio. You’d truly be amazed when you are there at the museum looking at the undistorted artwork via the reflections on the ice cream scoop.

Fast forward to me walking a few more kilometers before I reach the only store in town that sells authentic Chinese food. Ah~ Nostalgia… (By the way, the can that Wang Gang prints Roti Cari Singapore.)

Side notes:

  • I bypassed a garage sale where I got a brand new Robin Cook book for just one Canadian dollars. Hahaha…
  • Wang Gang totally shagged out when we reached the museum and had to sit down to rest. I hope he didn’t regret joining me in the walk. *Oops*
  • Wang Gang joined Thi, Ha and me for dinner at our house later in the evening.

3 thoughts on “First Weekend Part 2

  1. wow squirrel sprawling and lazing on park bench! i definitely haven’t seen that before…it’s like…the cats in spore. hehehe. how cute. but pls resist the urge to kidnap them back though – coz either they will die on the flight or you will be slapped with 10K fine lor. n are those ducks ‘yuan yangs’?

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