Weekend Trip

I wonder when I’d have the time to reveal what is the twist. Well, for the past few days, I have been deciding on where to go for my second weekend in London and after considering all factors, I have finally decided.

And therefore I have spent quite some time hashing on all the interesting things to be found at the location, got the cheapest deals to reach the location (transportation costs a bomb here in London), and settled my accommodation. I will not be bringing my wife along this time round and therefore there’d be “Internet-silence” for this weekend.

Extremely excited about this trip. Whoo~!!!


  • For all those who are going overseas, I strongly recommend that you play around with Google Maps first. This is especially useful when you are travelling to the United States or European countries. Set the default location to your new accommodation address and you can very quickly find what are the interesting/essential places around you. And before you are popping by a tourist attraction, Google Maps will give you a good idea of where are the popular photo taking locations. Click on “More…” and then check “Photos”. 😀
  • No doubt that it’s good to have companions for a trip, sometimes coordinating decisions can be really difficult. Torn between one’s needs and wanting to be diplomatic. Hmm… I am really not a team player at times…

3 thoughts on “Weekend Trip

  1. just go for solo trips or go solo for some parts then meet up again. No need to spend unnecessary money just to accommodate others.

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