First Weekend Part 1

Another long walk in London Downtown, this time with another fellow BioEngineer, Wang Gang, who just touched down in Toronto on the evening before. The 6.2 km walk intersects with the previous route which I had covered previously.

This time round I already roughly know where are the tourist attractions that I want to go. But there are still some unexpected sites that I went to. For example:

This was found in a shopping mall and it was quite a surprise for me. I wanted to go in and take a look and fortunately my companion was geeky enough to accompany me. Heh~ Generally I believe that it’s a good sign to see public libraries made available everywhere in the country. It shows that the government is serious in making the resources accessible to its citizen and the government acknowledges the importance of the knowledge-base economy.

Within the mall, we actually found a food court. Something which I never expect to see in Canada. And there was a stall selling Chinese food!

Next, we went to The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame which is a small hall displaying the various Canadians who had made great contributions to the development of the medical science over the past few centuries.

Then it was the Delta London Armouries, a home of the Militia Units of the Royal Canadian Regiments which is now a hotel. It’s amazing how well the structure is preserved on the outside. And the furnishing on the inside was fantastic too.

Then I found the London Academy of Dance~!!! But there was a twist to this discovery… [to be continued]


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