Two Valid Bachelors

Ever since the two Vietnamese guys who are in the same research program as me joined me in the apartment, my diet has improved by leaps and bounds. I therefore have decided to label them as the most valid bachelors without verifying whether they are attached in the first place.

Presenting to you Thi and Ha. (My apologies for not being able to spell out their name in full…)

If my memory does not fail me, they already shocked me with what I’d say as an elaborated meal on the first day that they were here. Fried pork ribs, french beans and a vegetable soup. And all dishes were completed within a very short time.

Since that evening on, they have been covering dinner preparations dinner after dinner. And I happily be the dishwasher meals after meals. Whoo~! So if I look any healthier and not thinner, I have them to thank. Haha…

Random Thoughts

  • During our first meal together, they were extremely shocked that I have my meals without chopsticks. I was just eating using my spoon…
  • They have been asking me to cook someday but I politely digress each time it was brought up. But finally I have successfully introduced spaghetti to them this evening. They didn’t know how to prepare the dish so I gave the general outline on how I see other people usually do it. And I prepared the easiest part of the dish, cooking the spaghetti itself. It turned out not bad at all. Heng ah~ Hahaha…
  • My daily sandwich lunch which I prepare myself has been improving. From cold ham + cheese, now I can make a beef patty + fry some pepper flavor ham + melt the cheese onto the ham. Mmmm… Future plans: potato salad, cheese sausages. Need some varieties before I get sick of my lunch.

7 thoughts on “Two Valid Bachelors

  1. my jaw absolutely dropped when i saw the food court WITH chinese stall with a sooo chinese “golden wok” name muahha. thi and ha are great companions right, learn from them much and be the third valid bachelor! 🙂

  2. Nah… I believe one great problem with me is I don’t like spending so much time cooking. So if I am staying alone, probably I’d die before I start cooking… Heh~

  3. yeah~ I consider myself v heng indeed. as for Golden Wok, I didn’t had my lunch there, I packed sandwich out from home knowing that food is expensive on the streets of London. My friend said that it was good though…

  4. On afterthoughts, probably Eligible Bachelors might be a better description than Valid Bachelors. What’s with my vocabulary?! Thanks to obsessiveproofreader for the heads up.

  5. one thing i like about sgp is that we can just go down and buy food so easily. 😀 don’t you wished you had more hawker centres in canada now? hahaha

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