Route March

London has made me like walking all over again.

It’s such an enjoyment to be able to walk and walk and not care about anything. The air is cool, at my own pace, and it’s pure relaxation. So let me show you my two mini route marches that I’ve done over the past 2 days.

Along Richmond Street (~2.9km)

The first day at St Joseph’s Hospital was a short and interesting one. I finally got to see my supervisor, Dr. Jean (pronounced as shawn) Théberge and got a better understanding of the project. I must say that it sounds interesting without the theory coming in. And I wonder if the theory will kill my interests. Hmm… Anyways, after several introduction to people in the building, my supervisor had to leave for UWO at 3pm. Since it was considered early, I asked him if there was anything interesting near the hospital that I could explore and he suggested to me to walk along Richmond Street.

Somehow it didn’t occur to me that it was a very bad decision because I was carrying my wife and several other heavy stuffs. But soon I was distracted by the nice sceneries. Sometimes I wonder if these people have to be super rich to own such dream houses/properties. But they look really really nice.

And then there’s a railway track in the middle of nowhere~!

Then I came to Victoria Park, the land with so many squirrels…

Of course, it has a lot other monuments other than the squirrels. But I was just very distracted by those squirrels that’s all.

Moving on, I saw very nice churches too.

Call me old school, but these churches looks so much nicer, authentic and 庄严 than those “high-tech” plasma-TV-embedded churches we have in Singapore.

Then I went to The Grand Theatre, which was not really grand on the inside. And the Covent Garden Market, which was not really fantastic inside too because there wasn’t any cheap food inside. HAHA~!

Then by that time, I was quite chui, so I decided to track back and had an early dinner at Sammy’s.

Okay… Right now, the present me blogging is famished. I shall go grab dinner and continue on the documentation of the second route march.

Random Thoughts

  • The notes that my supervisor handed to me were in Letter size. I finally see what is a Letter sized paper instead of the usual A4 sized paper.
  • I was given a lab book. Something which I really dread…
  • I believe I would have walked even longer distances if I had a map with me. Or *cough* iPhone where I can load a digital map in and zoom in or zoom out.
  • Probably another bad decision of the day was to purchase a 4L water and carry it with me for the walk. Then again, it prevented myself from dehydration. Hmm…

Whoo~! A mirror within the Grand Theatre for me to 自拍~!

5 thoughts on “Route March

  1. HAHAHA~! true true… and may I add that the spoken language is english too. otherwise may have to use body language or hand signs too many times…

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