Route March 2

Wal-Mart (~4.1km and back)

Word has it that Wal-Mart offer goods and groceries at a cheaper price that is lower than the supermarket that is next to McDonald’s. So I launched Google Maps and marked its location. On first glance, it seems quite near and so I decided to walk over to save on the bus fare and take the chance to explore my neighbourhood. Never did I know that upon coming back home and marking out the route I took, I took the long way and I walked for 8.2km in total. Sweet~(?)

Anyways, before I set off, I took a photo of a portion of the bus route map in my camera. That is the only image displaying device that I have that is portable and handy. Does this rings of an iPhone?

And I packed my lunch, comprising of a sandwich with cheddar cheese, some ham and whole wheat bread. Then I stuffed the remaining space with grape tomatoes and carrots. Then here we go~!

I didn’t know that it was already drizzling and cold outside before I stepped out of the house. But I decided to go ahead with the plan…

… then I saw wildlife (my guess is the cold temperature makes them very inactive and therefore more capturable by my camera)…

… and very beautiful houses (that would make my mother scream she wants to have a garden of her own and live in temperate countries)…

Then I reached Fanshawe Park Road. It’s the last ~1km before reaching Wal-Mart and it’s the scariest part of the route. It might be due to the weather, it was so cold that my ears were freezing and my nose was numb. And the road was straight and seemed endless. Then there was a part of the route which was open grounds on both sides of the road and the wind was strong. Felt even colder and eerier… I was imagining that someone could pop out from one of the bushes and bring me to dunno where. Haha~

But of course I survived it and I see Wal-Mart~! Whoo~!

Wal-Mart being Wal-Mart, is huge. It’s so huge that I realize there is no way to take a photo of the whole mall. And so I gave up. But it’s huge enough that they need directories for classes of goods they sell in the mall.

And they have a ridiculous spread of variety for each goods. Who knows that they need so much butter&margarine to choose from? And so many condensed soup to choose!? I seriously cannot decide what I want.

Then after I’ve finally decided on what to buy and cook (considering my various limitations), I did my payments, figured out where’s the bus stop where I can take a bus ride home, and I decided that I shouldn’t waste the savings I’ve earned. Then I walk back home, with my spoiling but sturdy iPod accompanying me back home. But the drizzle was slightly heavier and I hasten my walk…

Scary Incident

This happened after I did my payments at the cashier. The lady was serving the next customer when she bent forward and knocked her head against the scanner. It was loud enough for me to turn back and see what caused the sound. Then she stood up straight and said that she’s feeling alright. Then she bent forward again and this time, the customer said, “No, I don’t think you are alright” and insists that she sits down by the cashier. Then the customer shouted immediately to the staffs nearby “Someone come here! We have an emergency!”

By this time, I was too stunned to move. But the staffs paged something in the intercomms and they came over. Soon, the cashier lady fainted totally and was lying on the floor, supported by the customer. 911 was dialed. Then the police came shortly. And the ambulance too…

And I was still stunned.

Several things I learnt from the incident:

  • One can look perfectly alright before they faint or even when they are fainting.
  • I should learn to break out of stuns. The cashier lady was lucky that she was not checking out my goods when she started to faint. Otherwise I will really be stuck there, wanting to help but not knowing how to.
  • I need to open up too. Like shout for attention when it’s needed, no matter how foreign the surrounding is. Seconds can make a huge difference sometimes.
  • People in London are really warm hearted people. Initially I thought those “How do you do today?” are 客套话 like when they were used in Singapore. But now, I believe that they actually mean it. And they look out for one another too. This is the society where I want to live in.

Hope that the cashier lady is totally alright now…

Random Thoughts

  • Fanshawe Park Road was so scary cold that I did not take some pictures that I wanted to.
  • Checking the time on the photos, I reached Wal-Mart at 4.15pm and I left around 6pm. WOW… I spent so much time choosing what I need.
  • I was listening to various podcasts whilst in Wal-Mart. I wonder if I looked like a freak laughing soundlessly to the podcast. Hmm…

7 thoughts on “Route March 2

  1. Your lunch doesnt look any less delicious compared to that quarter pounder =)
    Agree on singaporeans having to take more initiative and to speak up.and it’s not an Asian thing. i think its just Sg.=S

  2. For those wondering what is the video I did, I’d post it once their presentation is over.

    HL: The trees here are so much more beautiful… Much more colors than just red, pink…

    hz: My lunch probably contained much less protein than the quarter pounder. I need to search for a cheap and easy to prepare source of protein.

  3. that is a society and climate I want to live in too. hahaha now you’re starting to understand what I’ve been through in Sweden. hee hee good good.

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