Shall blog while I wait for my videos to render…

I had to take a cab to reach my residence. It was the only form of transportation available to the small city airport and it cost me 29CAD. That’s depressing 40SGD. Then I got to see my landlord and my room for the first time. His surname is Ma, and no prize for guessing his nationality right, he is a Chinese. He reminds me of talking to Zhou Laoshi sometimes during our long conversation of dos and don’ts in the house.

So there you go, above is the 2 views of my room, after I’ve unpacked partially. I have quite a nice scenery when I look out the window. My mother was extremely excited when I showed her the scenery when I gave her a virtual walk around.

I wouldn’t say that my kitchen is well furnished… And that’s because there are much stuffs that I need to purchase myself. Knife… Chopping board… Frying stirrer… So for the moment, I’ve decided to buy everything that that can be eaten raw. Grape tomatoes, celery, baby carrots. Let me sort out a strategy then I shall cooking. Hur hur…

Meanwhile, my meals thus far in Canada has been rather expensive:

McDonald’s is the same, just cost more expensive…

I had ham sandwich with dougnut and tea combo for lunch. Also expensive…

Followed by quater pounder sandwich. Also expensive…

Tomorrow? Don’t know eat what liao~ Apparently the quater pounder wasn’t enough for me. I had to finish this cup of grape tomatoes to satisfy my late night hunger.


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