Off Airport Check-in

From Singapore Changi Airport

From the comfort of the home, office or hotel, passengers can use online and phone Off-Airport check-in options. Check-in over the phone with Telephone, SMS, and Fax check-in services. Check-in via the internet with Online, Email, and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol). Enjoy the convenience and reassurance of confirming your flight and choosing your seating. At the airport, checked-in passengers simply have to collect their boarding passes and deposit their hold baggage, if any, at designated airport counters.

I wonder why I have to reassure myself of confirming my flight but I’m still glad that such service is available for my Northwest Airlines flights. Because I get to choose my seats early. Found the website SeatGuru extremely useful because it gives me an overview of the seating plan of the various plane. This allows me to visualize where I want to be seated for the whole flight. They even include advice on which seats are considered good and which are not. PERFECT.

The Off Airport Check-in service is available for Northwest Airline flights 24 hours before departure. Therefore I woke up at 6am 7am to proceed with my check-in and reassurance.

Flight NW6
Singapore to Tokyo-Narita, Japan (7 hours)

Flight NW26
Tokyo-Narita, Japan to Detroit-Wayne County Int’l, Michigan, USA (11 hours 45 minutes)

Flight NW3064
Detroit-Wayne County Int’l, Michigan, USA to London Int’l, Ontario, Canada (1 hour 3 minutes)

Those were the best seats available when I was checking in. Hopefully they are good choice. Heh~

And actually off airport check-in is not good enough for me. I’d prefer Early Check-in because I can chuck in my luggage early and move around in a lighter load. Makes toilet breaks much easier to handle without the huge luggage to look after.

15 hours before I reach Changi Airport…

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