Device Down

My iPod is failing me, that’s what it is. Streaks of dead, unlitted pixels are starting to appear on my iPod. 😦

Oh no… This is the beginning of the end~! When is iPhone going to be launched in Singapore?


5 thoughts on “Device Down

  1. Despite being so close to the US, Canada does not have its turn of iPhone launch yet. 😦 Red Zune? Hmm… I’d try to remember… Haha…

  2. but most prob I won’t go to NY already since most likely i’d be traveling alone. might as well tour the whole of Canada… Dunno~ See first lor~

  3. i am waiting for the iphone too aRghhhhh!!!! haha.

    heyys nzj have a safe trip and have fun ya! take care and cya back in sg! =)

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