South Park in Canada

I have been extremely distracted ever since all episodes of South Park has been made available for viewing online. It’s funny and crude on the surface, but it’s funnier and deep if you understand the spoof that they are targeting in each episode. Since I am on the trip up north to Canada, allow me to introduce the only two episodes from South Park that featured Canada in its twelve seasons.

Season 7 Episode 15

It’s Christmas in Canada

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some useful notes (extracted from

  • The road the boys were following was most likely the Trans-Canada Highway. Although Canada does in fact have more than one road, the Trans-Canada Highway is the only road which stretches across all of Canada.
  • Canada really had just gotten a new Prime Minister when this episode was shown. His name is Paul Martin.

Season 12 Episode 04

Canada on Strike

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Useful notes (extracted from

  • The plot behind this episode is an allusion to the recent strike made by the Writer’s Guild of America, or the WGA. Canada and the World Canadian Bureau play the part of the strikers in this case. The Canadians’ plea for more money, including “internet money”, also alludes to the WGA wanting revenue from internet usage of their material.
  • My favorite quote from Kyle (watch the video): We thought we could make money on the Internet. But, while the Internet is new and exciting for creative people, it hasn’t matured as a distribution mechanism to the extent that one should trade real and immediate opportunities for income for the promise of future online revenue. It will be a few years before digital distribution of media on the Internet can be monetized to the extent that necessitates content producers to forego their fair value in more traditional media. [Just in case you think he was joking because of the way he said it, focus on the content, not the delivery. What he said was definitely serious and true.]

Another clip from It’s Christmas in Canada. I seriously have no idea what’s the thing about “French Canada“. But as I said, even if one does not understand the back story, the humor is enough to entertain. 😀

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And one last clip from Canada on Strike. I couldn’t stop laughing at 00:24. Hahahaha~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Random Thoughts

  • I wonder why they choose to represent Canadians’ faces in such a manner.
  • And why are the only two episodes about Canadians in South Park’s history so musical?
  • I’ve finally learnt how to embed videos on other sites into WordPress. About time.

2 thoughts on “South Park in Canada

  1. i recommend Happy Tree Friends lOl! no thanks to my (very free) brother. =) it’s insane, funny in a very wrong way.

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