Random Stuffs

Mind Maps

I found a perfect tool to create mind maps on the fly on Mac. It’s called MindNode and it’s free! There might be equivalent softwares on Windows, but I believe the trackpads on Apple notebooks makes navigating mind maps feel natural. No more reaching to the scroll bars at the sides just to move around on the mind maps. Just scroll around using two fingers on the trackpads*. Don’t understand what I mean? Watch the very short clip below:

And below is an example of what I did as part of my revision for my Geography module. (View it in PDF format: Yes, you can export the file as a PDF and they are really lightweight files since they only contain text.)

*Apple notebook owners (newer generations apply only) may activate this option by going to System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Trackpad.


10 days to flight. (OMG… This count down is scary.) Updates: I got my accommodation at 340CAD/month, 2km away from school. Amazingly, It’s much cheaper than staying in campus itself, which is rather different from the situation in Singapore. I wonder why… Click here or on map to see it in Google maps.

Iron Man

Despite having the finals for my E-Commerce module (which I am toying with the idea of S/U-ing it), I watched Iron Man on its opening day in Singapore. My excuses were

  • My brain don’t function well right after a brain-intensive paper.
  • This is the kind of movie that I have to watch in cinemas instead of on my notebook and I will really regret not catching it in the cinema.
  • The release was in digital. No film grain~!

The movie was good… Not fantastic like Superman in my humble opinion, but not sucky disappointing like my e-commerce module Spiderman 3. Great effects, as to be expected from Industrial Light Magic, but I thought there are too many plot loopholes to distract me from the main story line.


Can’t sleep very well lately. Will wake up with a shock in the middle of the night thinking that I have overslept and missed my paper (I have threee 9am papers to take this semseter. Luckily I am staying in campus.) And I keep having weird nightmares. I hope they stop soon…


One thought on “Random Stuffs

  1. Hello. I’m the author of MindNode and I just wanted to mention that I was impressed when I saw your mind map. Not even the mind maps I create during testing grow near as big in size than yours!
    — Markus

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