No Budget~


And so after multiple “ding-dong“s between different departments in NUS, I still end up with no extra funding from NUS. My last and final hope, International Relations Office, just gave me a call to inform me that they do not have budget for research programs right now. And to think I thought that all departments in NUS would be singing “We’re All in this Together” and give me some funding immediately. Wait, that’s HSM*, not NUS. But nevertheless, I’ve tried. 🙂 At least Andrew Gall from IRO is nice enough to help me try ask Faculty of Engineering to top up the 1500SGD that they are going to provide. Then again, I know that the chances of that happening is not high. I can almost predict that the reply would be phrased along the line of

As for additional funding, we have already informed you from the start that you will have to be self-funded with a sponsorship amount of S$1,500 from FoE, NUS.

BOOM~! In.Your.Face. I wonder if the person in charge would be thinking “which part of ‘self funded’ do the students do not understand~!?”

Anyways, thanks to all those who have helped me along the way, proofreading my appeal, encouraging me to ask around, providing me with some tips. Now I just need to mentally prepare myself for the plunge in my savings. Ho ho ho~

*HSM = High School Musical


7 thoughts on “No Budget~

  1. watch the video from start to end, u’d realise only the students are singing “we’re all in this together”, no lecturers joined them to sing, lest make guest appearances to distribute free money. maybe u can start a NUS version “we’re all in this *self-funded* together”, albeit no practical uses – definitely will not charm the officers to reverse their decisions 😀

  2. HAHA~! True hor~ No lecturers and admin stuffs appeared… Probably they are busy replying emails somewhere. Wait, they don’t. Hmm…

    I was tempted to edit the lyrics but thought I shouldn’t waste my time on this unproductive stuffs. Haha…

  3. HAHAHHAHA yes I totally agree. So he doesn’t waste time on editing lyrics of songs but finding really lame stories online hahahaha.

  4. this self funded thing can be extended to the whole sgp, not just nus. don’t be too sad, canada is great.

    interestingly, I’ve never seen a more pixellated youtube video.

  5. ru: haha… i think the pixellation is due to youtube’s compression technique. there’s a higher quality version of the exactly same video available on youtube actually (here), but somehow i can’t add in the necessary attribute on my blog.

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