Dining Out

I bid my study table goodbye…

… for a dinner at Ma Maison with Zhengru and Manson at Central…

… and then dessert at NYDC at Wheelocks Place.

Haha~! Manson’s head is replaced by the soft toy…

Quick Notes

  • Zhengru did not get any fatter after his Sweden trip.
  • Ma Mason has good service. I would return again to try its other dishes.
  • “Why do you have to ask for warm water?” “Cos I am old liao~”

8 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. should be quite hard ma. nv see u online as much nowadays. hahaha. then u said u would disappear from wordpress although you didn’t …hahah.

    the stress bug is flyin all around. zj stress xf, xf stress me.

    And I still went for buffet dinner, jog, and chatted under the stars till 3am as though there isn’t a test at the end of the week. totally, slack. ooPs.

  2. disappearing from wordpress is more difficult than i thought it would be mah… it’s still an outlet for my thoughts and stress i suppose.

    and yeah… the stress bug us definitely spreading… grr~

  3. haha… posts usually take time to generate mah~ so even if i do post anything it’d be very much less elaborated than my usual ones. but i wan to have certain level of quality control… heh~ so i tot it’d be better that i post little to no posts… can save time and dilemma… haha…

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