Attention Grabber

From “How to structure a presentation” (emphasis added by me):

This is the most important part of the presentation and serves two main purposes

  1. To act as an attention grabber for the audience
  2. To let your elevated levels of adrenaline and testosterone racing through your blood stream settle down, so that you can relax into your presentation

I usually have the problem with adrenaline rush. In the first minute of the presentation, I can feel my blood rushing all over my body and I can’t usually concentrate. This is why I like to start my presentation with something that gives me time to cool down before the real stuff begins. I’ve tried with poems, quotes, and this time I’m experimenting with video that my group mate found on Youtube.

Thailand has really good advertising firms around. They can deliver messages successfully without employing expensive celebrities as spokespersons or using elaborated computer effects.

Two more slides that I have completed and am satisfied with:

There are more to the slides than just static images. Maybe I’d blog more about them when I have the time. Now it’s back to work.


10 thoughts on “Attention Grabber

  1. yeah, i luv this ad too. the thais are amazing. check out the cheers beer ads (funny to death) and the life insurance ones (bring tears to my eyes each time I watch them) if u hvnt seen them before. they have such a flair of dramatization and they are absolutely creative. I mean even if we had such great scripts in spore, our talents won’t be able to pull it off too unfortunately. 😛

  2. hrm, u know, half an hour ago, i was trying to post comments and i got this msg:

    “you are posting comments too quickly. please slow down.”


  3. hahah! sawadika~~~~~

    i haven been stalking your blog, but heng i did check it out today la. destress me from all the exam shit when i saw the thai ads lar~~

    hahha! sophia, you mean the cheers beer ad and the lizard one? hahha! i love the cheers beer one la!!!! damn funny lar~~~~ mailtonzj, you should really check them out. alternatively, i can act it out for you the next time i see you. maybe a decade later=)

  4. mailtonzj,

    i realised you have many comments on your blog! just thought of something funny.
    hehe. get it or not!?!?!?!

    many many many comments??

    i’ll be very disappointed if you dont get it lar~
    but if tt’s really the case, i must really got back and dance soon. the mo qi is diminishing!! ah!!!

  5. yar… probably it’d be a decade later when u eventually come for dance class lar~!

    and wad is many many many comments?!?! i’ve been staring at the comments for a few minutes but i still don’t know what you mean! haha… no more chemistry liao… *sobs*

  6. yo yo goh liping, siao char bo!! long time no see n good luck for ur exams too. yah yah i’m referring the cheers beer ad- the fri, crab claw n parking lot one. 😛 Got lizard one meh? I thot it’s just the cockroach one? 😛
    If u come for cls in a decade, I will oso join u to act it out for nzj. hahaha.
    meanwhile for the benefit of nzj, here are the ads if u hvnt seen them before 🙂
    cheers beer –
    thai insurance (stand ready with tissue box)

    bangkok insurance (cockroach ad) –
    ENJOY!! 😀

  7. HUH!! walau!!!! mailtonzj! i’m damnn upset now. cant study anymore. wan to go back to dance str away lar~~

    haha! yeah!! whooohhoo!! SOPHIa you damn nice la!!! you’re only one patronising me!!!=00

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