Presentation, Again…

Remember the survey that I asked all NUS Undergraduates to complete? Now it’s time to perform the presentation for our report. Unfortunately, yours truly has been tasked to present the part on survey results and findings, the portion of the presentation which is the most boring and therefore most challenging.

How can I engage the audience throughout my five minutes of air time? Have been thinking through these few days but I do not have a very good solution yet. In fact I have to compress 17 pages of text and figures into the five minute presentation. Hmm… But at least I’ve done up this first slide. Hahaha…

The audience this time is rather different too. Since the module is about effective communication, the tutor herself already has quite a high expectation. So she might not be easily impressed and might be nit picking on other stuffs like non-verbal communication, prononciation and stuffs. Stressed~!


4 thoughts on “Presentation, Again…

  1. wad is “fluff”? from the dictionary, fluff means

    a mistake made in speaking or playing music, or by an actor in delivering lines.

    you want me to make mistakes? HUH???

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