Four Cakes

It’s my mum’s birthday today~! And since I am on a slightly tight budget, I thought of ways where I could be more creative with what I have. Cake is a must, or it seems so to me, and so I walked around Vivocity thinking of where I can buy nice cakes.

Then I landed on Seret Recipe and I thought I can actually buy four slices of cakes for each of my family members. Having one whole cake is too much for my family (and too expensive), and it’s rather boring eating only one flavor too. And so I bought a slice of the following (description is from top left, in clockwise direction):

  • Mango Delight: Juicy chunks of mangoes come together with home-cooked mango puree and fresh cream. This is for my mum, who likes the refreshing light taste of fruit cakes. She totally dislikes cheesecakes, otherwise I would have bought four slices of cheesecakes liao. Hur hur~
  • Chocolate Banana: Loads of banana slices packed within delicious chocolate layers. Absolutely refreshing and tasty! This is for my father, the guy who is more “monkey” than my mother is. Haha~ This description came because my mother totally dislikes eating banana even though she was born in the year of monkey.
  • White Chocolate Macadamia: An incredible combination of fresh roasted macadamia nuts and creamy vanilla filling, coated with white chocolate. A must try for white chocolate lovers. This is for my sister, who is really picky with food that she eats. This choice was considered “experimental” and I was sweating when she was tasting this cake, but luckily she liked it. Ho ho ho~
  • Chocolate Indulgence: Creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling. Absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich chocolate lover’s dream. This is for myself. Actually I’m alright with any cakes. This is just a very safe cake just in case some of my “taste predictions” fail.

Totally bloated after eating the cake. And it has been some time since I ate dinner at home~! Whoo~!! Am looking forward to lunch tomorow afternoon. Heh heh~


Random Thoughts

  • No birthday songs, no merry photo taking, no excited facial expressions from my mum. Haha~ I guess this is how it goes in my family.
  • Secret Recipe (Singapore) should consider hiring a website designer to re-design their website. The photos of the beautiful cakes are so small~! I had to source for pictures of its cakes and descriptions from other websites. Tsk… How to entice prospective customers like that?

5 thoughts on “Four Cakes

  1. im sure ur mum is happy inside. coz my dad’s like that too. hahahah. 🙂

    im hungry at 230am and ur pictures make me even hungrier! argh

  2. wOw looks yummilicious!! =P HAHA. so i now i know why you asked abt cakes HAHA. lOl… my family is like tt too; m sure your mum will be delighted! =) have to bug/poke my family into taking pictures but they are used to my craziness so they oblige after a while =)

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