April Random-ness

Since I have so many small, tiny random happenings that I have decided to record down on the right sidebar, I’ve decided to create a post dedicated to collate all these unsystematic ramblings (in reverse chronological order). Feel free to ramble with me

28th: Straits Time 28 May 2008

NUS Undergraduate Dies of Hunger
Quote from newspaper article: “The undergraduate last message on Microsoft Live Instant Messenger was ‘I am hungry, but don’t want to spend money on food. Then again I don’t know how to cook.’ “

21st: Quote to Remember


8th: Phone Conversation


7th: MSN Quote

“i just realised how long you’re gonna be away”
“haha and you’re in 5 items”


39 thoughts on “April Random-ness

  1. I have full confidence that there’d be an influx of guys to take over my roles. As long as you gals do your part in attracting guys to NUSCD. Ho ho ho.. I’d only be back on 10 Aug mind you… Not possible… At all.

  2. ah found 2 new guys over the past 3 days to join DR. Both are experienced dancers – jazz and modern trained with strong pdd background. however, they can only do 1 item each and are only all going to be in mike’s items for now. so doesn’t do much to alleviate nzj from his feat of doing 5 items. 😛 N my charmometer has maxed out with this, so the rest is up to you gals. 😛

  3. cool Sp@rrow… why are they only in mike’s item? it’s time to bring out 150% or 200% of your charms (like *batting eye lashes*) and get them to do more items~!

  4. “partners with strong pdd background” is great news wad. gives you better, higher, firmer lifts. and you get less bruise too. 😀 no need to stress!

  5. what i heard from mike is that one of them will be in chu lu, but he’s not tall so my guess is he will probably end up partnering a gal below 1.6m. the other guy will be in the modern item. 😛

  6. EH zhu was the one who pointed that out first… still dare to call me stupid… and I don’t think we’re as polluted as our niang lor hahahaha she is still champion haha.

    – Clare

  7. what on earth does 鹬蚌相争 mean?! ey i am but she is not hahah and it was your fault for suggesting it in the first place.. what, is a firmer lift?!

  8. 翻译:



  9. sooooo you’re trying to say that you’re the 大敌 and zhu and I are the 弱小者 is it?!!?!?!?! wah okay so now I know how you feel towards us… SOB 😥 eh you must thank us, because of the few of us, now all your blog entries got so many comments hahahahaa

  10. erm… deroutant, what i want it quality, not quantity… take cues from sophia bah. impress us with your language flare. maybe you can show off your german here. hahaha… since no one understands it, what you say counts.

  11. 不会那么惨吧? 带多点干粮吧. 😛 now we know what we can buy for you as send-off gifts 😛 food glorious food. hehehehe

  12. haha… cookbook is not really useful to me since i am already so hooked up to Google. i think i shd invent those 干粮 that are as small as pills. put in water and *BOOM* pineapple fried rice. Hahaha… One paper down. 3 to go…

  13. yes yes pls go and invent one of those leh. *boom* carrot cake..*boom* yam pudding..*boom* hor fun. wheee. life saving for me too hahaha since i cant cook to save my life.
    hmm…I dunno but browsing pictures of food online is not quite the same as looking through a cookbook. somehow food seems more delicious and gastronomical in a tangible cookbook format. can sense it waving at me 😛
    all the best for the rest of the papers. Gambatte. 🙂

  14. OMG… the results for my e-commerce project paper has just come out. and my group got a C! this has got to be the worst performing module based on expectations ever.

  15. gosh…the one on the google books? haiz i know how this feels. I had one too many of such experiences in school too. Thought will do well but only did average. Don’t worry, you still have the paper to make a come-back and it probably will be less subjectively graded as project work. 🙂 不要气馁. 继续加油吧.

  16. oh… it’s the one on social networking websites. and it’s a group project. i seriously have no idea how our paper can get such a lousy score. NO IDEA… 😦

  17. oh the one about facebook? don’t we just hate it when we don’t know what went wrong? Could it be a case of citing precision and accuracy of definitions vs demonstrating understanding? Anyway do cheer up and put your best foot forward for fri’s paper ba. good luck 🙂

  18. Duhz. something is not coming out right in what I just said. I intended to say…sometimes we cant quite guess what the tutor is looking for – could it be citing definitions precisely and accurately or demonstrating understanding and applications? 😛 What a headache when we come to project work which can be more subjectively graded.

  19. Not only public holiday, i remember during my hall days, no canteen food every Sunday, and we can only go SRC to eat horrible lunch and dinner. Well, the good thing is, we get to watch the hot babe and hunk beside the pool while we are having our meals, cool!!

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  21. This is something like a tag board, though I don’t want to call it a tag board. Haha… There are several limitations actually. Shall see how I can improve the implementation.

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