Psyche – My K-Idol

Wow… It has been some time since I last update this dance series. I wonder if I have the fire to complete the series. Well next up, something from Korea~! And something for Yixin to get excited about.

My K-Idol

Choreography by Michael Wong

韩风来袭,芳心又岂能抵挡!是理想伴侣或是少女情怀的梦幻?就以轻松的方式找出自我内心的K 偶像!

A light-hearted portrayal of the current craze over Korean actors and pop-stars.

Random Thoughts

  • The synopsis is short and sweet and to the point. Just nice to describe what the dance item is about.
  • Am very glad+tickled that the dancers really gave it all and showed their “passion/enthusiasm” for the “idol”.
  • Didn’t know xf can shake so well. Hahaha… Whoo~! She has a hidden talent~!
  • The “idol” has a cool “scarf management system” or SMS. He can handle the scarf in any situation during the dance itself~! Superb~! I would have used safety pins along the whole length of the scarf to prevent it from dropping, but that would make it look extremely unnatural. Note to self: Learn how to manage scarf~
  • The audience on the first performance really liked this item a lot because they cheered and cheered throughout the item. We need more of such audience~!

On a side note, the dance genres that we did for Psyche this time was such a departure from Chinese Dance that even some parents start to suspect if their child quitted quit Chinese Dance or joined another dance group. Haha… But if I may mention this again, I’m glad that we are all trying all these genres.


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