Psyche – Pretty Is As Pretty Does

The streams of videos and background information from Psyche is back~ We return with a dance by one of our alumni.

相知相惜 | Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Choreography by Wong Chi Man

他日花蕊终究结上了霜,无尽风尘也将掩盖从前的亮丽。满怀愁绪随残花飘落, 才发觉只有败柳与花相知相惜

Young women seek praise and attention through beauty. Each one tries to stand out of the crowd in her own way. What is the purpose? No one knows. And when life hurts them or wears them down, they can only seek comfort from one another.

Whilst editing the video, I found the music captured by the camera’s microphone too “airy”. Then there was the “click-click” sound of the photographer’s camera (he was just seated beside the video camera for one of the performance). Therefore I decided to re-encode the original music on top of the music captured for all items. It’s an easy but laborious task to implement. After editing the video for each item using iMovie ’08, I had to encode the video. Then I had to import it into GarageBand, “overlay” the original music on top, suppress the captured music, then re-encode the video again. Grr~

And when I saw the audio waveform for one of the original music, I thought I should highlight something.

Notice how all the audio waveform are pushed to the maximum volume for a huge chunk of the music? This is called clipping. Definition from Wikipedia:

Clipping is a form of waveform distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overdriven, which happens through attempts to increase the voltage or current beyond its threshold of power.

When a music is “clipped”, all notes begin to sound equally loud as loud notes are being clipped to the same output level as softer notes. This greatly reduces the richness of the music, causes fatigue and makes it unsatisfying to listen to.

This reminds me of yet another phenomenon called the “loudness war” where

the music industry’s tendency to record, produce and broadcast music at progressively increasing levels of loudness each year to create a sound that stands out from others and the previous year.

Interesting huh? But my guess is this only affects a small group of people who happen to be audiophiles…


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