Psyche – Lost in Reverie

This dance item contains a gem~! Great to have new incoming members that have experience in dance and performance. Look at the photo below, that is something that I can never ever achieve. (Not even via Photoshop…)

心声 | Lost in Reverie

Choreography by Stephen Ah Sen

In the dimmed halls of our sterilized cage, our hearts follow the flickering light. Is that the lamp, or the rays of the sun? I yearn to break free, to tell the world the dreams I have; share the love and embrace every moment. But they don’t understand… and the light cast on me is at best sympathetic. Can I leave my enforced sedation behind, or have I lost my autonomy to feel… and to think.

All performance photographs are taken by our official photographer Jingkai. Check out his other photographs at his Flickr’s photo set.

Random thought: Did Jingkai planned to take the photo above or was it by pure luck? Or did he put his camera to burst mode? This mid-flight kind of photo is just too difficult to achieve~!


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