Psyche – Disturbed Sleep

It’s rare that we have a solo dance. So we left the challenge for one of our most senior dancer. With all her experience, this was still a considerable challenge. How to dance and yet look like one is sleep walking? I remember once when she was experimenting with one difficult move and she teared trying. But hey, she eventually overcame the trial.

梦。游 | Disturbed Sleep

Choreography by Wong Cing Zing

夜深了… 人静
灯熄了… 心却不静
月光下映出的彷徨影子,是我吗?大概… 是吧。

Hours after bedtime… Do you find yourself wandering in the hall looking dazed and confused??
Are you dreaming?? Are you shifting from sleeping position to moving around??
Well… I AM…

This lady was also our “link” for the whole performance. This is why some of the videos have a very short prelude before the actual dance starts. This was our first attempt to have a character linking the whole performance together with an overall story arc. Quite an interesting experiment I must say…

Another thing I remember about this item is the costume~! So many iterations of pajamas plus tights were tried out before we eventually settled on one. Hur hur~


One thought on “Psyche – Disturbed Sleep

  1. how on earth did jiawen turn herself at 2:33?! and she really achieved the “dance and still look like sleepwalking” effect with limp limbs. *clapclaps*

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