Psyche – Le Changement

Shhh~ The videos for Psyche are out. Watch out for the slow but sure trickle of performance videos…

變 | Le Changement

Choreography by Yuen Shumin

顺应天命会否迷失自我?力挽狂澜却只不过是冥顽不灵?在传统与新颖之间,她时而拥护潮 流,时而抗拒改变, 一路寻觅着两条平行线上的交叉点. 而在这其中,唯一不变的依然是时代变幻时的讽刺脚步。

Change is an inevitable facet of life. With the encroachment of modernity, new technology and cultural flow across geographical boundaries, will one’s time-honored traditions be uprooted? Is change necessarily deleterious? Can equipoise of traditions and modernity be realized?

Using the leitmotif of change, this dance explores the psyche of those caught at the cross-roads of traditions and modernity. Will she uphold her beliefs? Will she embrace change? Or will she…

Change is the only constant in the Universe.

Been editing the video in my head whenever I get the time to do so. The editing process still took longer than I expected but I guess it would have taken even longer if I hadn’t done those pre-editing. This is my first time editing two video angles at one go. The only problem is that the two angles were taken at different performance days and so the dance might be slightly different depending on the dancers’ performance…


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