Random Haiku


This was exactly my thoughts when I was walking towards the canteen for my breakfast this morning. Nowadays, I have no “safe” footwear to put on on rainy days other than my Nike Free. But wearing it down to the canteen just for breakfast seems a little “over dressed“and is too much hassle for me. Hur hur~ Therefore I started to muse on when I’d die from slipping wearing my slippers and hitting the back of my head on the floor. Maybe this will get the school or KE VII’s management to replace their slippery tiles to something more slip-proof. (Doesn’t anyone think about safety when they design buildings and choose flooring materials?)

People here at KE VII must be wondering why this person with a serious case of inferior complex is walking down the corridors with his eyes glued to the floor… I was just looking out for wet patches on the floor and trying my best not to step on them ok…

Item added to the needs list.

Random Knowledge

For those who don’t know what a haiku is, it is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Then the English language picked it up and followed its format. Unfortunately, I just had inspirations for the Chinese language version. Hur hur~


5 thoughts on “Random Haiku

  1. hahaha, i remember OTKY reaching us that in lower sec sometime. hahaha…it’s a skill wearing slippers on rainy days man. like how it’s a skill for PAL to run around in VIP in platforms. hahaha =p

  2. *sobs* someone actually thought that it’d be both tragic and comic if i die slipping. COMIC~!

    imagine newspaper says “man slipped to death” hahaha
    n somemore not 80yr old. 20yr old.

    then it goes…

    come on lor. u wun die wearing a pair of shoes, u will die if u wear slippers n slip to death.

    that made me laughed out loud, wore my shoes grudgingly, and went for my dinner on a rainy Saturday evening.

  3. haha. good boy you. it’s better to be alive with grudges, than dead with regrets (of not changing into shoes and then slipping to death.)

    yet, the best is to be in a beautiful life, alive. imagine this: with good slippers, you can go down for dinner, no need scared will slip, and have no !$#$@% mumblings! woohoos.

    get a good pair from teva ba, at most thirty bucks. and u pay for the quality, not the design for havainas (which actually does not have much design anyway). so move it…*nudgenudge* come on, queensway is just a stone’s throw away from school. and u can drop by ikea for yummy meatballs 🙂 🙂

    i have a feeling someone may be buying u slippers before we know it. *hmm*

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