Psyche, 灵与舞的对话 Day 02 Part 2

Here comes the long awaited continuation of what went by on the second day…

Make-up is very much a important preparation step for a dance performance. Look at the number of shots we can have from just doing make up. This year, I’m very fortunate to have juniors drawing make-up on me this time~! Whoo~! nzj says goodbye to 蜡笔小新 and small eyes.

I particularly liked the last photo. xin looks just like a model with the flare from the spotlight in the background. WHOO~~~ The *ahem* photographer is just zai la~!

Then it was a couple super-long photo-whoring sessions (before, during and after performances). And I realized that this is the only time/event we NUS Chinese Dance people take group photos. Even the post-performance celebrations didn’t have so many of us in the photo before.

And for the first time in our almost one-year of term, my exco finally had the chance of taking a photo with everyone in it. Haha… (Come to think of it, I think I never have the chance of taking a photo with all my exco members last year… Hmm…)

One more photo before I close this post, here is finally one more not-bad-looking photo taken by our official photographer during one of the performances.

It looks seriously not bad, doesn’t it?

My only problems with the picture are:

  • Lighting: the side lights cause a yellow cast on our shirts and as much as I tried, I can’t adjust the balance such that our costumes are white.
  • My fingers: 兰花指!!!Yucks~!
  • Clare’s right foot It was chopped in half, which makes her “lines” incomplete.

Anyways, the recent hiatus is due to my involvement in Dance Uncensored (all tickets redeemed), my fieldwork for a Geography module, and me crunching through 8 chapters on what e-commerce is about.

Some couldn’t wait anymore and actually came to my room to watch the videos for Psyche (We had late-night supper after that but that is for another post…). Some even had portable hard disks to suck out all 35GB of raw footage.

Should finally have time this weekend to edit all the dance videos at one go…


7 thoughts on “Psyche, 灵与舞的对话 Day 02 Part 2

  1. Come to think about it, NUSCD actually has alot of pretty gals.. shd hold a peagent competition if the gp size keep growing in the future.. can i be the judges plzzzzzzzzz… whahahahah

  2. haha… at least got the LOOKS okay~!
    jinx: how come you so politically correct de? The last two sentences look as if they were added in at the last minute. ho ho ho~

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