Psyche Choreographers – Xiaoyun

Next up, we have Xiaoyun who also choreographed for NUS Arts Festival last year through Ethereal. She is one venturesome choreographer; one who dares to experiment with pas de deux and hip hop even though she has never had any experience in anyone of these. Well, being experimental is the spirit of Arts Festival, so I’m glad that both herself and her dancers took up the challenge.


For those who happen to not know what pas de deux means, Britannica defines it as

(French: “step for two”), dance for two performers. The strictly classical balletic pas de deux followed a fixed pattern: a supported adagio, a solo variation for the male dancer, a solo variation for the female dancer, and a coda in which both participants displayed their virtuosity.

Whoa~ So complicated. Seems like we only fufil the numerical part of the phrase. Haha…

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