Psyche Choreographers – Mike

Another interview that started with the walk. Michael choreographed three items for Psyche, and I like all of them~! Each of them has a different flavor, and appeals to both groups of audience who appreciates dance and those who likes to be entertained by dance. The range of concepts that he has touched on since last year speaks a lot about his passion for dance in general, and his experience (both off-stage as an audience and on-stage as a dancer).


The interview was obviously recorded at somewhere not very conducive. Interference could be heard at:

  • 0029: Clare’s voice
  • 0032: Clare’s voice
  • 0137: Clare’s voice
  • 0146: zhu!’s voice
  • 0155: Clare’s voice
  • 0157: zhu!’s voice

A quick note to all dancers, Mike will be one of our choreographer for Dance Reflections 2008. Take your queue number now if you want to experience how it is like being in his item. 😀


17 thoughts on “Psyche Choreographers – Mike

  1. i am queue no. 2
    i think zhuu was queue no. 1
    Michael do you see this?
    zj, pls forward this to him k!

    clare n zhuu.


  2. Yuan wang leh. where got my voice? I was super duper subdued that day lor 😛
    Can only hear clare and zhuu.
    AMichael, great job and I’m honoured to be in your dance again. Please give me a pregnant woman role to dance for DR 2008 leh hahaha 😛

  3. lOl sophia, all my friends were saying tt the ‘red hair girl in white’ is very freaky!!! *waHaHAha*

    and michael!!! can i take queue no.4 *please? =P HAHAHA =)

  4. hey gals, i allocate dancers for DR!!!

    ha so, queue number with me!!

    anyway if michael sees this, i think if i wasn in his two dances this time, i wont feel so sad after the performance.. lets have shattered part 2 next year! Shattered leaves, shattered wood whatever!

  5. oh no even xuefen’s frens say so. Die lah. 😦 Eh can I please have the opportunity to dance another character so people wun juz remember me only as the freaky red-haired gal in white? 😛

  6. 16th comment… this shows that mike is really popular as a choreographer. i shall start the new queue for guys. YES~!!! i’m the first one in line. ho ho ho~

  7. phew. my sanity is endorsed. 🙂
    N woah all the talk about getting dance queues…they are seriously tempting me to wanna do another performance.

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