Psyche Choreographers – Fen

Next, we feature one of our choreographers, ASHF, who have had choreographed for us last year during NUS Arts Festival too. He’s his spontaneous chirpy self still. Look out for the surprise attack at the end.


  • 0034: Listen carefully and you can hear Siew Wan prompting Fen that he had said something wrong.
  • 0208: ASHF was not joking when he said “cry”…

Just reached home from another choreography session with ASHF. Hopefully with this schedule and report deadlines, I can maintain this one-video-a-day target that I had set for myself.


18 thoughts on “Psyche Choreographers – Fen

  1. Ah Sen Hor Fun is THE MAN. Love every minute of this dance and its rehearsals. But yah there seems to be a crying spell with this dance. Well still enjoyable nevertheless 😛

  2. Love him too though not in his dance!

    Teared when he say hope the newbie in his dance enjoyed and learnt something from his dance…

    Sigh, when will he learn not to be so nice??

    And hold him to his words, he must choreo for NAF again next year!

  3. My dear Mr. Banana… even tho u didnt Pick me into your item, am still rooting for you, since i got the free scarf too *smirks* Shall not be Sore abt it~ *SAI handsign*
    nice choreography pieces, you’ve definitely improved a lot thru the years!!!! =)

  4. haha YEP he shall choreo for NAF again next year!
    and i teared too when he talked about us being ‘tortured’ under him. but father i had fun dancing dong tian! 😀

  5. wow~ all the gals so 感性… with all the hangovers and withdrawal, i was jokingly telling xuefen that we can start planning for arts fest next year liao…

  6. The dance’s very 感性 too mah. Think we have reached the (almost) nirvana level of immersiveness for arts fest this year. How interesting that challenging a new, contemporary genre could bring out so much emotions in us all. 🙂 I’m still inspired but already missing it.

  7. very impressive choreo 🙂
    n whats even more impressive is the limitless patience n tolerance. salutess!
    n im wowed by how e whole world has congregated onto this posts haha 🙂
    cheers to dong cube dancers!

  8. totally agree on the limitless patience and tolerance part. i would have exploded long ago facing the same situation.
    xin: it took me quite a while to realize what you mean by dong cube. haha…

  9. yah totally agree with xinyi. fen’s the epitome of tolerance lor. Respect. Ah dong cube…i get it i get it. hahaha. think this congregating will continue as long as our withdrawal symptoms persist. 😛 Good thing coz it shows bonding. 🙂 Jiayou everyone…to even more and better performances!!!

  10. 旋风正在席卷国大华族舞蹈团哟!

  11. “i was jokingly telling xuefen that we can start planning for arts fest next year liao…” – notice the WE. okay you two can start planning now! it’s good to start early hahaha yah zj your blog suddenly so popular, not bad! haha zhu, our father is the best!

  12. pls upload fen´s dance or fen dancing (did fen dance in psyche?? did he?? *excited*)

    is fen choreographing for DR? *excitedness to hear yes*

  13. YES VIDEO!
    I wan to see veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeo!
    dong cube rox!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I still love fennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whoo hooooos!

    Yea nzj and xf jiayou k! muahah

  14. peeps, the keyword of the sentence “i was jokingly telling xuefen that we can start planning for arts fest next year liao…” was obviously JOKINGLY… don’t get your hopes high up… 🙂

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