Psyche Birthday Girls

First video from the performance Psyche is finally out~! But for those who are expecting some dance videos, you may be disappointed. This video features the impromptu birthday celebration we held for three of our performers at the changing room after our first performance on 7 March. The three of them (in order of appearance: Wiki, Peiyi and Catherine) happen to have their birthdays around the performance dates. Cool~


  • 0022: Proof that hz is a video whore.
  • 0107: YY shouting “感想,感想…” once more. I keep hearing him shouting this phrase again and again whilst editing the footage.
  • 0122: Proof that Peiyi is semi-hygiene conscious. “Semi” because she said “我生病,你吹…” initially but blew the candle nevertheless.
  • 0130: YY shouting “感想…” again.
  • 0304: Most cliche birthday wish I’ve ever heard.
  • 0314: Another most cliche birthday wish…

15 thoughts on “Psyche Birthday Girls

  1. hahaha
    zhuu’s face is every where!
    EEEEks scarie!!!!!

    haha but the video looks gd.
    i can’t wait for the dance video!

  2. what nice pic? i chose the poster cos it’s the only picture i have (representative to the performance) that has the 4:3 aspect ratio that i need. anw, get used to being seen everywhere bah~

    and yar, apparently zhu! looks naked… oops…

  3. must be zj’s secret fetish. zhuu be careful!
    anywae i still got one whole bag of zhuu’s face in my room leh.
    I don’t want her to haunt me …
    Shall i give that out as door gift durin qing gong yan.hahah

  4. WAD FETISH?! I am 政杰正人君子 okay…
    and i totally agree that we give out the extra posters. can be considered as a good souvenir gift… have large surface area for signatures too. then can paste on our cupboards.

  5. the nice smiling one! haha idiot. make me change then in the end also cannot see the dress at all HAHAHA.
    okay i totally agree too! everybody can queue up for autographs AHHAAHAHAHAH.

    no i am kidding. please dont give out eeee so disturbing! i’d rather haunt jw for the rest of the year

  6. i’m pretty sure he has a fetish even though he vehemently denies it.. maybe you shld just give ALL the posters to him so he can paste around his whole room 😀 let zhu haunt you for the rest of the year then. or would you rather……….. someone else HAHA

  7. jw you reject me?! tsk ): break my heart. my face quite worth looking at what.. then got autograph there even better!

    fine the lighting designer guy wins then. next publicity zj u ask the lighting guy be yr model haha i quit!

  8. then again not everyone finds the lighting guy cute (looking). so he is not the perfect candidate for posters. sorry zhu!, u shall continue to be seen on all future posters.. muah ha ha…

  9. ahahahahahahah because father was unfaithful to her at first!!!!
    first he go find zhimin then zhimin push him away.
    then he ask mother marry michael! (sorry mike! i can still dance yr dance right?)

    ahahah YAH right clare. why dont YOU do it! dont put ideas in to zj’s head!!!!

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