Psyche, 灵与舞的对话 Day 02 Part 1

Despite sleeping late the night before (because some of us were reviewing the performance of the first night till late), some of us had to wake up early for a meeting for Dance Reflections 2008. Sometimes it’s as if we are in a dance productions house, discussing on another production even before the one we have in hand is not over yet. Anyways, the meeting was at 9am, and this was what happened when you have morning meetings:


Okay, actually all these are posed shots. Which explains the “suppressed-smile” looks on their faces. Hahaha..

Fast forward to end of the 4pm show. We saw that someone had fan clubs up to ten guys…

… caught up with some old friend (who have not been attending dance class since the Korea trip despite “swearing” to attend “the next week” almost every week)…

… realize the difference between being camera insensitive (girl on left) and camera sensitive (girl on right)…

… and saw attempts to spoof actions from the performance…


We had fun till rather late. It was already dinner time by the time I returned to the backstage. Then it’s time for more photo whoring and video whoring and of course the 8pm performance….


8 thoughts on “Psyche, 灵与舞的对话 Day 02 Part 1

  1. like EVERY SINGLE ONE up there is so unglam!!! my goodness! i HAVE ok miss oh! stop being on this evil guy’s side hurhur you’re supposed to be on mine!! unless………

  2. HAAHAHAHAH unless……

    its ok clare, understandably why jw is on his side! nevermind i’ll be on yours since we alr slept in the same bed for two nights HAHAHA but you are really v unglam

    and zj i wasnt um-chioing okay!!!

  3. come on lar~ i believe clare can still remember how much shots were wasted during our photo taking session in NUS museums. and it’s all due to ur um-chioing…

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