Across the Few Days Before Psyche

We entered the big countdown to the actual performance day.

Tuesday started with a surprise from Xue Fen in the morning. Apparently she had just joined the “Get nzj supper” club and bought me food~! 四季甜品OK~! It contained:

  • 春季限定的香草牛奶
  • 夏季限定的西瓜冰
  • 秋季限定的咖啡蛋糕
  • 冬季限定的分院甜汤

Well, they were not food exactly… It’s some 四季甜品 eraser unfortunately. Hohoho~ Xue Fen said the erasers reminded her of me the moment she saw them. And it was due to my recent whining of not having any food. Amazingly there were many others whom have commented and/or acted on my whine. Club members include Sophia and ~*j|nGz*~ just to name a few.

Tuesday also had me carrying a luggage to school. I decided that the schedule was too packed for me to be returning home. Fortunately ~*j|nGz*~ and Grace had gracefully offered to provide me with a roof over my head. Whoo~! I must say that the few nights camping in school were really useful (minus the backaches from sleeping on the floor). No more low morale dark environments and I never thought of eating noodles. Haha… (Oh, thanks to LYT for the sleeping bag too.)

Wednesday started real early at 9am. I had a light plotting session to go. Fortunately, my chorographer and me only had to wake up at 8am since we were staying in campus. After since, I travelled up and down the road between UCC and YIH several times. It had been a long time since I travelled so much (on foot and on bus) in campus.

Thursday was an extremely free day for me since my SS module lecture was cancelled. So I practiced with my co-dancers in the afternoon. Not having my usual practice clothes with me, I rehearsed in my Bermudas. It was a wrong decision that brought me bruises on my thighs. Sigh~ I was totally shagged out by 2pm and actually slept whilst resting and talking to YY in the Dance Theatre. Fortunately nothing happened. Hohoho~

We had full runs and rehearsals at night time across these few days of course. Most were effective for me personally (having slipped and fall during one of the runs definitely made me want to familiarize with the dance mat), though I was not sure about the rest. It was frustrating seeing some of them not putting in any effort to learn and/or remember the pointers given to them. Some even missed the rehearsal sessions that were informed of weeks ago. I remember one night when we had to waste time trying to figure out which time was suitable for all the dancers of one item. Some of them could not even decide if they were free. Grrr~


7 thoughts on “Across the Few Days Before Psyche

  1. the dust, dirt, hair, sweat, oil are already evident in my room.
    just sweeped n mopped the floor.
    ok lar. i proclaim u the best squatter award. really quite minimal impact lar.
    and its quite fun.coz we get to watch video first hand!!!! hahhaa i wan to watch the last day’s videos!!!!!!!
    come squat one more nite leh!

  2. haha~! yar… quite paiseh to leave behind the dust, dirt, hair, sweat and oil (with dust primarily (70-90%) composed of skin flakes). :S
    if you want to watch the video, this time we needn’t squint our eyes to watch in the tiny 2 inch LCD screen. i’ve already transferred the video to my MacBook Pro. whoo~!

  3. hmm… i should be rolling out the videos slowly, one by one, probably starting from the backstage activities and the various interviews. from today. if i’ve no urgent assignments to complete. heh heh heh…

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