Perform Online Surveys For Free

Need to conduct an online survey? The usual options available that are free are from Survey Monkey or from Zoomerang. However, these being free services, the companies will greatly limit the functionalities of their offerings in hope that one would be tempted to fork out some money for the more advanced features. However, strictly speaking, all these companies have way over crippled their free services. For example, the free “Zoomerang Basic” version allows the user to create a survey with no more than 30 questions, receive no more than 100 responses, and view the results for a limited time.

True to Google’s usual trend of disrupting whichever field it enters, Google Spreadsheets has recently launched a new feature. Now, one can “create a [survey] form and invite people to fill it out.” More from Google:

[The interviewees] won’t need to sign in, and they can respond directly from the email message or from an automatically generated web page. Answers will be automatically added to your spreadsheet.

See below for an example of what a form in creation may look like:

And below shows the spreadsheet having the cells filled up automatically as the survey responses come in. Cool~!

Now, one no longer needs to pay if one needs to filter the collated responses by custom criteria or download the responses into a spreadsheet or database. And one gets to enjoy all the other benefits of Google Spreadsheets such as having multiple collaborators working on a single spreadsheet at the same time too.

What Google Spreadsheets need to do right now is to expose such power features to their users in a useful but yet not intrusive manner. Easier said than done. Haha~

Random Thoughts

Am using this service for an online survey that I have to conduct for my module on effective communications. Probably will need the help of all my readers who happen to be an undergraduate. Thanks in advance~!


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