Dear fellow undergraduates…

We are students from NUS who have to complete a survey report as partial fulfilment for our Professional Communication module. As we are aware that there are students that are not adopting an active lifestyle, we want to determine the possible reasons and propose possible solutions to the existing problems.

The objective of this survey is to gather your opinions so that we can assess your attitude towards maintaining an active lifestyle. From the results, we may propose solutions and feedback to the director of University Health, Wellness & Counselling Centre for their considerations and further actions. Please help us by completing this survey by 27 February.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Ho Cheng Han Agnes, Huang Peiyun, Ng Zheng Jie, Seah Wan Yi Wendy

Random Thoughts

I suddenly felt that the introduction of my survey was very lame when I was drafting this post. But what the heck… This was the template recommended by my lecturer. Please help me complete this survey if you are an undergraduate from NUS. Would even appreciate it even more if you asked your friend on my behalf too. The url is:



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