Great Dance Weekend

The stars are finally more aligned months after our trip to Gyeongju, Korea. Welcome back to technique class Bui Bui and ahL~! I’m still waiting for Joanna (the girl who promised multiple times that she’d be there “the next week”) and Huizhi (the girl who didn’t even promised that she’d be back) to return… Class is as confusing as usual for me. I wonder when would be the day that I can finally be not confused at all… Hmm…

After the tiring class (the first one since we break for CNY the week before last week), Ding Laoshi announced that there is a performance by The Red Dance Company of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts (中国人民解放军艺术学院红星舞蹈团) at The Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic. It is one of the best dance troupes in China (one other that I know being Beijing Dance Academy 北京舞蹈团) and it was where Zhou Laoshi graduated from. A couple of us got excited about the performance and we decided to go ahead to the venue despite not having any tickets on our hands. A quick search online revealed that the performance is part of North West CDC Chinese New Year Gathering 2008. It seems to be an invite-only performance. Not very good news but the Laoshis are still quite optimistic about it.

And they were right. After ahL seduced a helpful organizer at the lounge area, we got on our hands five tickets. Since we had two extra tickets, Bui Bui asked her parents down for the performance. We took some photos while we enjoy the pre-performance reception.

Then we had a blast of our lives; 10 SUPERB PERFORMANCES; One after another. My favorites are the opening fan dance item 红与黑 and a Chinese contemporary dance 前人的足迹. Although watching these dance on videos is nothing compared to watching it “live”, I’d still try my best to find them and share with everyone how great the techniques and choreography are.

And time feels really short when you are enjoying yourselves. The performance is over before I noticed it. And it deserves a standing ovation.


Here are some more photos taken after the performance. The lady is a General mind you. And I’m sure Zhou Laoshi so wish that the guy dancer is in his performance. Hee hee~! But he is really a very good dancer.

Random Thoughts

  • The Republic Cultural Centre is actually comparable to University Cultural Centre in terms of stage size, seating capacity and lighting. I would say that its location is rather good too. The school campus is within 10min walk from Woodlands Interchange. And it has a huge multi-storey carpark for any audience who drives too.
  • Some of the VIPs actually left during the middle of the performance. My first question was: are their schedules so packed? Or are they not entertained by the performance?
  • One obvious block of seats at quite an optimal seating location was left empty. Probably one institution/organization decided to pull out at the very last minute. This is a very serious problem with the society we have now. People sometimes do not take some things seriously enough. And tangible/intangible resources are wasted as a result: time, money, chance to get a central seat and watch a superb dance performance. Grr~
  • I actually got inspired to choreograph for a dance item. I do not have a solid idea formed in my mind but I want to choreograph where the movements and timings of all my dancers are synchronized perfectly. And I mean perfectly. To the smallest movements of the simplest dance steps.
  • The dancers know how to do lifts effortlessly. Guys carrying girls, guys carrying guys, guys stepping on girls. I’m so inspired and envious of their techniques!

5 thoughts on “Great Dance Weekend

  1. and not to forget, before the show, we had a super fast shower and 2 laoshi + 3 of us, finish the whole pot of mee within v short time in their condo.. i think i break my record to finish one meal that fast… HOT!but……….. we are early and there are whole loadsss of food before and after the show!!

  2. Haha… I think the “super fast” shower and meal applies to you only. *Oops* If only we knew more about the performance. Then we could choose to arrive at 8pm only and have a more decent dinner at laoshi’s place or have our dinner at RP.

    Oh, according to Peter, the dance troupe that performed for us is their “Bravo Team”, not the one with the best dancers from the troupe. Wow~!! I wonder how great their “Alpha Team” would be. Impossible~!!

  3. lets put it this way, the “Bravo Team” consist of many many wang da-sss or better than wang da.. while the “Alpha Team” consist of many many Zhou Laoshi-sssss and Bai Laoshi-sss…The gals from 中国人民解放军艺术学院红星舞蹈团not good enought, so the only troope that has many many Ding laoshi-sss of course, none other than 北京舞蹈学院!! wahahahhaah

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