Are You A Talent?

This was the first question I got when I finally reach Golden Village, Great World City, at 7.40am. Was 10min late for a TV commercial shoot for HSBC because I overslept on the train again. Hur hur… But hey~! I had to wake up at 5.30am in order to reach the venue slightly off time… Proof:

Anyway, the guy who asked me this question had a look of disbelief when I said, “I guess so” spontaneously. Did he find my answer ridiculous because it seemed as if I didn’t know what my role is in the production? From this moment, I realize that not all people of this production are as chirpy and spirited as the person in charge of liaising, Michelle.

Then comes the waiting game. When Michelle requested me to reach the location at 7.30am on the day before, I was very tempted to ask her if the timing is to give her some time buffer for people to be late. But I didn’t of course. And the few “talents” ended up waiting… So I started to blog and do my readings.

It was already 9+am by the time we start filming. And I got nervous when I suddenly remembered of my limitations in dance and stunt moves. Luckily for me, after a number of failures of asking me to do unknown dance movements by giving me their technical names, I just needed to walk a few brisk steps and then act shocked/surprised. Whilst waiting (yes, more waiting), I ended up talking to my “partner” who happens to do salsa at SMU. She is a very active member of her salsa group (she’s one of the founders mind you) and has been in two other filming before, one being the upcoming The Leap Years featuring Wong Lilin. Cool~! Other topics we chatted include SMU Arts Festival, the visual arts on display in SMU (which I really liked), and her support for Singapore movies. And I also accidentally divulged that I didn’t go through any form of auditions before coming for this shoot, which she did. Guess they were just desperate for some male “talents”.

Filming was quite boring most of the time. And since my partner and me were furthest away from the camera, I visualize myself to appear as a blob of Unidentified Brisk Walking Pink Object™ in the commercial. Haha… Anyways, they filmed two sets of actions for the main “talents”, with one set I believe is their backup concept.

The whole thing was done by 11am. It was pure business after that. No cheers or hugs or highness; just passing of 客套话 and cash. And I was gently reminded to attend the salsa performance. Haha…

Here are some shots taken at the shooting location (the hairdresser; many other people who are not part of the filming production; camera with male lead; female lead in screen with “talent” on right; female lead in GV staff uniform):

Random Thoughts

  • There’s no Wireless@SG at Great World City? It’s quite an inconvenience because I assumed the whole Singapore Island has wireless Internet access at all major shopping centres. This makes me question which organization decides whether Wireless@SG is to be installed at a location. IDA or the Internet Service Providers or the building management…
  • People of this industry smoke a lot. It’s been quite some time since I last see such a high percentage of people smoking at a single location. In the military, people smoke when there is nothing much to do (or at least this was the explanation I was given when people smoke during military exercises). I wonder if the same applies to this industry too. Another possible reason is that smoking is part of the culture of the industry. Or maybe it’s a hybrid of reasons.
  • The makeup artist, who also doubles up as the hairdresser, looked very tired and emotionless. I wonder if she likes her job. Maybe concealing small defects of our faces and doing simple make up is too mundane for her. I hope she finds what she is passionate about soon. She commented that it was smart of me to bring my laptop and use it whilst waiting for the shoot. That was really surprising because she seemed half awake most of the time. Haha… Oh and she actually smiled and waved goodbye when I left. Weird~
  • How much does it cost in total in this 4/5 hour shoot? There are so many people present at the shooting location but they are not part of the shooting crew based on my observations. Hmm…
  • My face has been wreckage ever since I came back from Korea. Don’t know what happened… As a result, the makeup artist had to spend some not so quality time concealing my defects. My only guess is my lack of swimming these few months. Must get sun.

2 thoughts on “Are You A Talent?

  1. Luckily (for them and for me) that I’m already used to the notion of making up through all the various performances. Else a typical guy would have freaked out when he knows that he has to wear make up. Hur hur~

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