Apparently this was published in 联合早报 on 2nd February this year.



I have some clarifications to make. One, the Chinese name of our performance is not 《疯子》but《灵与舞的对话》. I don’t know how the editor arrived at this name. Even Google Translate provided something better: “赛琪”. Two, the choreographer of the performance is not our resident choreographer but a combined effort of several choreographers. Obviously the synopsis is a direct translation of our english synopsis:

Through contemporary Chinese dance movements, our dancers explore psychological issues, stresses of life and conflicts of the mind, body and soul that plague our everyday lives.


But I personally don’t think that it’s the press fault for making such direct translation. They have no idea what our dance performance is about and they can only gauge based on the information given to them. Therefore whoever that sent the information to the press without consulting us and without our verification, I have nothing to say about his/her professionalism. We have already, in hand, done up a Chinese description of the performance:


It has been more and more disappointing working with the “mothership” that take cares of the Arts groups in NUS. I really hope that the staffs wake up their idea and focus on their work.


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