Were a good boy

[Extracted from episode Lay Your Hands On Me of Grey’s Anatomy]

Mia: He’s back.

Alex: I’m sorry to interrupt but your most recent echo shows the dissection is extending. You need to let me prep you for surgery.

Elizabeth: Oh no, not yet. We haven’t finish our work.

Alex: You’re going to die.

Elizabeth: Did you know how Mia knew you are back even with her eyes closed?

Alex: She heard me?

Elizabeth: She felt you. It’s like a like a pull, like a darkness.

Alex: Right… Right. I’m the angel death of god.

Elizabeth: No, you are not the angel of death Dr. Karev.  You’re actually a very sweet boy.  He’s got a beautiful heart, wouldn’t you say, Maya. 

Mia: I would, but the gut in his throat…

Elizabeth: They’re blocked.

Mia: 2nd chakra’s worth.

Alex: Seriously, you’re talking about chakra?

Elizabeth: We’re talking about how you got a darkness at your throat chakra where your voice should be.  Because whatever happened to you was so ugly and went on for so long that you don’t talk about it.  You were hurt so badly that sometimes you want to hurt other people just to spread it around.  You were a good boy, Dr. Karev. a good sweet boy. But you’re not a very good man. What happened to you?



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