On Publicity

Once again, a very sincere thank you to those who have given me those precious words of encouragements both online and off.


Actually it’s not so much that I get affected by negative comments. It’s a given that nothing is perfect in this world, though I do try to satisfy everybody’s ideas/suggestions. And I do admit that sometimes I allow myself to indulge in my own brilliance. Haha… For example, I am pretty impressed with myself on how I managed to get the various dance clips to synchronize with Vanessa Mae’s Happy Valley in NUS Chinese Dance publicity video.


I realized/felt back then that:

    • I am not contributing much to improve the current state of publicity.
      • The current state of publicity still relies a lot via the word of mouth. The audience are there mainly to support the dancers (or give face). Therefore the audience very much remains within our circles of friends.
      • This downplays the importance of publicity works by several folds. Although I do not have statistics to support me, but I believe it’s rarely because the audience were attracted by the publicity done for the performance. How to outreach to audience that are beyond our circle of peers? How to attract members of the public? These are questions to which I’ve been asking myself. But I’ve no answers/formula to share despite experimenting for two terms.
    • It’s true that little/no appreciation goes towards posters/programme sheets.
      • I was briefly reminded of the amount of programme sheets that were left behind after Ethereal last year. Sometimes I forget how it feels, but once reminded, actually it’s quite sad to see them strewn around.
    • I do not know how to scale my effort according to the importance of publicity.
      • This is a very serious problem: I put in equal effort for a free performance and a paid performance. It starts to sound even more ridiculous when the former has 180 seats and the latter had >1000 tickets to sell. I just perfect every poster until I’m satisfied or I get sick of it.
    • I have lousy management skills.
      • Time management: Probably because I like designing or anything beautiful that I allow myself to indulge on working on the publicity stuffs. As I’ve mentioned, or others have observed, other parts of my life usually suffers because of my indulgence.
      • People management: I’m a quality freak and I don’t know how to delegate work. I’ve always believed that design is a very personal thing and I don’t know how to trust/believe that others will be as a perfectionist as I am.


      With all these factors and since I’ve been monopolizing the publicity scene for an extended period of time, I thought it’s high time that I stop work on publicity after my last project. I’ve completed several works and have played with enough experiments; I should be satisfied.


      I’d still indulge on my personal design projects of course. But I’d just play the role of an adviser for publicity at the most. It’s time to let new blood flourish.

      Now I can’t wait for Dance Reflections 2008 where I can just dance to my hearts content. 😀

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