Needing Inspirations

I’ve got a challenging item to do for the coming performance “Psyche“.

It’s not so much about the movements, it’s more about the emotional part that I am worried about (although some movements do give me problems still). After participating in all the various performances and getting to talk with more experienced dancers, I realize that expressing emotions are as important as executing the movements themselves. To put this in an analogy, watching dancers performing without emotions is like watching horror movies with the sound muted.

So right now I’ve got this problem of getting into the mood; and tomorrow is the day we do our first full run. Hmm…

Sophia has recommended this item from season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance featuring Lacey and Kameron doing a contemporary piece by Mia Michaels. Lacey is one strong dancer and Kameron is not too bad himself too.

Here’s hoping that I can vibe this kind of feel tomorrow~

Random Thoughts

  • Now that I only need to concentrate on 2 items and publicity for “Psyche”, I realize I have more time to concentrate on the things I need to do and I can do them better. This is such a great difference to the situation months ago when I have to manage multiple dance items and handle more administrative work.
  • It’s actually tiring executing an “emotional” dance piece. I dislike the preparation phase and it drains me quite a lot. Grrr~ I want those “Emo on Demand” services analogous to Starhub’s “Movies on Demand”. Haha…
  • It’d be great if I have Kameron’s physical strength. Haha… Greedy me…

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