“Anyways, since the performance is free and the expected number of audience is not much, I don’t think having a great poster will have any impact on the overall attendance.”

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether the poster or the programme sheet is well done or not. The performance itself matters most. Moreover, the audience will probably not remember anything about the poster, not to say the programme sheet.”

Honest feedback hurts sometimes, a lot.

It was when I saw the publicity published for a NUS Chinese Dance performance years ago that I decided that I should do all I can to help. I really cannot stand seeing a performance to be accompanied by mediocre publicity. Especially when I myself is in the production. And ever since, I’ve been volunteering or forcing myself upon the executive committee that I do the publicity work.

Until I can assure myself that there is someone good enough to take over me.

One can say that it’s also a good source of ego booster for myself. Not everyone has the chance to be in charge of publicity for a performance in a hall with thousand plus seats. It feels really good when one sees one’s creation being mass printed. And it gets even better when peers and the audience give positive feedback.

So I worked myself really hard, perfecting each and every pixel.

Being a perfectionist is my forte, but upon serious reflections, it has its failing. I spend too much time and effort unknowingly each time, regardless the relative significance of each performance. Then other parts of my life start to suffer from my imbalanced attention. Things seem even worse when foreign letters start popping up in my grades.

Now when I suddenly realize the (un)importance of my work, and when I can’t help but agree with my friends to a certain degree, probably it’s high time that I take a break and concentrate on other stuffs that matters to me…

Tired. Burnt. Discouraged.


10 thoughts on “Discouraged

  1. Hey dude, dont feel discouraged. I still remember how wonderful is the design of last year arts fest program booklet and DR2006 poster!!! your every effort did count, 一份耕耘,一分收获,凡走过必留下痕迹,不要让被人夺走你的兴趣和兴致。

  2. OHYA!!!!!!!!!! and not forgetting the super nice programme booklet in post cards form for our DR2006! i think its the best programme booklet in NUS Chinese Dance history!

  3. heys… dun feel discouraged yea? I know how it feels. the so called “unimpt” stuff.
    but i dun think what u did is unimpt.
    when i see other group’s posters on the wall and i think of ours, i feel proud.
    it doesn’t how big the crowd is.
    it doesn’t matter who we’re performin to
    what matters is we’re performing to an audience, and irregardless of who they are , how many are they. even if there’s only 1 person , we also want to do our best k.

    cheer up dude!

    ur job is definitely not unimpt.
    despite us bein e lowly wardrobe and publicity.
    HAHAHA 🙂

  4. yOz! don’t be discouraged!!! =) you’re really doing a GREAT job! =) and c.dance’s really blessed to have a talented designer/videomaking/programmebooklet-er in you =)

    a production wouldn’t be complete without pub. materials de. perhaps to outsiders who have never had the chance of participating in such pdtns before, they won’t know that without these elements, a production won’t be complete.

    jiayous!!! =) and have faith =)

  5. heeeeeeey doing what you like best is what matters the most yea. as long as you take pride in all that you do, i think that’s what matters the most, really. people DO remember publicity stuff and publicity and remember for each of the ): comments, there’ll be 2 (:(:(: comments to counter it! look on the bright side! and honestly i admire how you make sure everything you do is flawless.

    CHEER UP 阿公!:D

  6. yes i think the poster is v v v v nice!
    cheer up!
    oh by the way, i just watched the video… ummmm….. i think i am quite screwed…

  7. Hmm… I am very surprised by such a huge response within the few hours of the post. Thank you all for the encouragements, both online and off. 谢谢。 🙂

    After spending some time thinking through, I guess it’s too irresponsible of me if I stop my work right in the middle of the production. Therefore I shall continue to nurture this baby until the performance is over and all post performance work is done. Then I shall venture and/or concentrate on other stuffs. Am not young anymore, I don’t have time for regrets.

  8. Hey, I didn’t get a chance to tell you directly, so taking this chance to append my thoughts here. I’ve been in CD for over 10 yrs and since I’ve graduated, I’ve been quietly observing the dancers and the Committees through the years. There are better years and some not so good ones. I must say that I’m very happy to have talents like you in the group. Remembered I used to cringe at the publicity posters (if any at all that is) and program booklets. They were amatuerisely done and often in b&w photocopy. It doesn’t help that I come from Marketing Communications background where collaterals production and advertising are crucial.

    When I see “new blood” like you (then of course – now u not so new lah) who volunteers to take up responsibility to improve on this area, I was comforted and happy. On top of that, your quality of work is actually commendable.

    Good publicity materials often give audience the first impression of the quality of the production. It injects confidence in people and brings huge mileage in attracting them to attend the performance. That’s the whole rationale behind pubicity. Once the audience is present, dancers will then have the responsibility to do their parts well to finally convince them that the performance is worthwhile. Looking from another angle, when there’s audience, dancers are also encouraged and motivated to perform their best. Imagine the applause from a full audience compared to an empty theatre. A successful performances is completed by many pieces of dedicated work – each is significant in its own way like in a jigsaw puzzle.

    And you’ve done well ZJ – both as a dancer and a publicity head. *Pat pat on the back* 🙂

  9. Heys, dunnoe who feedback such things.
    But I remember something that a senior said last year. That when she saw the Ethereal poster, she thought the theme tied with the poster very well.
    Its a bit like dancing Chinese Dance, some people think it is an art not worth watching.
    But to us, its something that we enjoy.
    So lets just enjoy the fuits of our labour.

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