Clearing Trays…

Speaking of clearing trays, there was one evening when I was going to have dinner at a hawker center with ahL. We saw a free table with seats and we sat there. Whilst thinking of what food to order, a lady in her forties came to our table carrying what seemed to be utensils and plates from the previous customers who ate at her table. She just placed them at our table. Obviously noticing that I was staring at her, she asked obligatorily, “May I place these at your table?”

“I am going to dine at this table you see…” Hinting to her that permission was never going to be granted.

“But these plates at your table are going to be cleared away too right?” She pointed at those that were left by the previous customer on my table.

My friend stopped me before I could reply and she got her table cleared and mine doubled in the number of oily/gritty plates. If he hadn’t done so, I would have insisted her to bring her plates back to her table.

Is it just me who thinks that she is being inconsiderate or is my thinking too ungentlemanly? Hmm…

My Rant Goes On

I tracked her back visually back to her table and noticed that she was out eating with her children. Wow… Great moral education indeed.


3 thoughts on “Clearing Trays…

  1. Hmm, it definitely is not ungentlemanly. Only need to be gentleman to people who deserve it.That woman obviously is being unreasonable and very irritating. I would ask her if she would bring it back, if not I would put in back right in front of her + the stuff on my table (if she looked really irritating)

  2. HAHA~! Nice one~! Actually I thought of that too. And if I had my camera around with me, I’d take a photo of her and post it on my blog~! HUH~! Hahahahaha…

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