NUS Arts Festival Publicity Part 3

After having sort the photos in my head and arranging them in all sort possible ways, I finally sat down and went on with the actual poster creation. Here’s Ver. 1:

It’s my first time working with photos and I must admit that they are more difficult to manipulate compared to vectors on Adobe Illustrator. So much depends on the quality of the photos taken during the photo shoot itself. Not having my usual tool Adobe Fireworks didn’t help too. So as you can see, I kept photo manipulation to the minimum.

General feedbacks were that it looked too happy and pretty to tie in with the theme of the performance. Which I agreed immediately. I have the tendency to make things look good but not relate to the theme. Haha… So I spent much time on another photo and came out with Ver. 2 which stuck. Then it’s just some manipulation here and there to make the poster more complete and have a better visual flow.


Presenting the final version, Ver 2.4:

Decided against including the synopsis of the performance in the end as it’d add too much clutter to the poster. Hopefully people will notice the dance figurine too…

Random thoughts:

  • I liked the artwork in the background as it provided the colors and artistic feel that I need. It’s rare to get the chance to get my designs printed in color and so I’d like them to be more colorful than my usual designs.
  • Had to change the embedded NUS logo used in the poster template as it does not stand out against the dark background. Met with some initial difficulty due to the weird choice of format given in the template. Grr~
  • Notice that I’ve changed the location of one design element despite being told not to do so. (HAH~! No one can stop me!) I just thought it’s too ridiculous to restrict the location of the body text. And the jewellery box is too critical to be covered by the text! Guess I have to spend some time convincing the approving committee…

10 thoughts on “NUS Arts Festival Publicity Part 3

  1. Julianna =p you look so 单纯 and dreamy!!!!!
    i think shldn’t hide her nice shoulders,if possible. very good chioce for model!

  2. Yeah~! She’s cool that she agreed to be my model when I approached her. And she tired her best to pose and look the way she’s suppose to look. Credit goes to Clarissa too. She gave much suggestions on how the pose and feel should be like throughout the photoshoot.

    Shoulders… Hmm… Good suggestion. Will have to think again on the layout I guess…

  3. HZ IS HUIZHI LAH!!!! the one who always bullies me and dont know how to spell my name hahaha. andand! i dont remember you approaching me to be yr model leh!!! but yah the poster looks fantastic! (cuz half my face is covered haha :D)

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