NUS Arts Festival Publicity Part 2

The publicity for NUS Arts Festival seemed more planned the year before. But an organizer that is more well planned also usually means that they have thought through several things and will set more restrictive rules. Here are some of them listed in the CD containing all publicity templates for the festival:

  • All body text to be in Helvetica (If you do not have Helvetica, please use Arial)
  • You can use any font for the title of the show
  • Do not change the size/locations of the elements already provided within the template. (Phrasing by me. I knew of this after I’ve sent in my request to change the locations)

I’m quite curious why they restrict the choice of fonts. Not everyone has Helvetica… And I don’t understand why they don’t even allow me to switch the location of the design elements. Top left hand corner is one of the most valued landed-property due to people’s reading habits: left to right, then top to bottom. Worse still, the template provide has rasterized most of the elements which make editing impossible. Whoever that designed the template must have been really keen on locking down the design. Grr~

And even more interestingly, it’s said that whoever that approves the posters really checked if the prescribed fonts were used~! Usually I go by the mandate that rules are meant to be broken… Seems like I’ve to tread more carefully this time…

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