NUS Arts Festival Publicity Part 1

Have been spending the remaining free time I have thinking and creating the poster for NUS Chinese Dance’s upcoming performance during NUS Arts Festival, Psyche/灵与舞的对话. Here’s the creation process…

During the initial brain storming sessions, I thought of tying in to the Arts & Entertainment theme for NUS Arts Festival this year (Medicine/A&E/Accidents&Emergency. Get it?) So I borrowed the jewellery box that we gave Xuefen, intending to fill it to the brim with pills and medicine. Then someone suggested using Chinese medicine instead since we are from NUS Chinese Dance. And so my idea changed.

But halfway through the initial creation, I realized that the poster might be in black and white due to budgets constraints. So I went along the Chinese medicine idea and came out with an acupuncture map of the head. This is Ver. 0:

Not sure if people will see what I intend them to see… Do you see what’s so special about the head?

Then came the news that there’d be free color prints and a sudden realization that Ver. 0 has nothing to do with “灵与舞的对话”. So I quickly changed my concepts and had a photo shoot with the helpful Clarissa and zhuu!. Initial concepts were to display a contrast between a healthy and ill girl. And a girl’s wish to be able to dance. So here are some of the raw photos:



We had some fun with the miniature figurine too… Haha~!

Then it’s time for post productions. Never did I expect my initial concepts to be destroyed the moment I tried to composite the photos together…

Random Thoughts:

  • One is suppose to sense that there are letters in the head… Then realize that all of them spell “PSYCHE”. With my small sample size survey, many people actually didn’t realize that. Some were just wondering why there were ugly, bold lines on the picture.
  • Photo shoot was conducted in NUS Museum. Many thanks for their support. I will include more details of the art work featured in the background once I obtain them from NUS Museum.
  • Initial plan was to have the photo shoot done at University Cultural Centre lobby area. That place has much natural light, which means it’d be point-and-shoot camera friendly. However, a security guard stopped us before we begin shooting, stating that we have to obtain permission before we can take photos. My first response was “WHAT~?!” Students have to obtain permission to take photos within school compound? Ridiculous…

2 thoughts on “NUS Arts Festival Publicity Part 1

  1. uni hall spinelli got nice wall picture too
    haha ugly bold lines
    i think i said that
    i tried to look v hard stil cant see it was suppose to be psyche

  2. Haha… You aren’t the only one who said that the lines are ugly. And most probably the letter “P” is too abstract. That makes identifying the link between the letters and the word “psyche” difficult. Well, it’s quite an experiment for me. Maybe I’d reuse the concept for some other projects.

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