MacWorld Expo 2008 Keynote

It’s a weird ritual I perform every time Steve Jobs has a keynote event. I’d check for the Singapore equivalent time (9am Pacific Time means 1am Singapore Time), I’d launch a new window in my browser, and I’d load the several sites that has live coverage of his keynote presentation (, Engadget, Gizmodo, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Ars Technica). Then I’d set each of them to refresh by itself every minute.

Saying that I’m obsessed with Steve Jobs’ presentation and Apple is indeed an understatement. Am not expecting anything spectacular for this particular keynote presentation though I am sure Steve Jobs will no doubt pull off another superb one. The only news that’d get me totally excited and mad is if he announce that iPhone will land on Singapore today. Having Starhub as the partner will be the icing on the cake and will get me searching for my credit card.

Note to self:

Dream on…

Let the keynote begin~

Just minutes into the presentation, we have the first possible casualty to my savings account: Time Capsule. It’s a full Airport Extreme base station (a.k.a. wireless router) with server grade hard drive inside. Wow… This can really save me the hassle of having to set up my external hard disk every time I need to use it. The external power supply and Firewire/USB cables just makes me want to reduce its usage. URGH~! And doesn’t Time Capsule make a perfect network attached storage that I’ve always wanted?

iPhone receives new firmware updates, adding new features with some features phones from other brands years ago already have, such as sending SMS to multiple people at one go. But this shows the robustness of the iPhone platform. Never mind a premature product launch. Because have you ever seen a company refresh and update the firmware of its phone so many times within such a short period of time, each adding additional features? Also Apple is partnering with Google and Skyhook: Google helps you triangulate cellphone towers, and Skyhook helps you triangulate Wi-Fi data. When you go past a Wi-Fi hotspot or a cell tower, the phone remembers the data and uses it to calculate where you are. This is way cooler and more battery efficient than those built-in GPS found in other phones la~!

Asking previous customers to pay $20 for a software update for their iPod Touch is stupid. I expect patches/hacks from the Internet community to be released within a month.

Apple TV 2.0, on the other hand, is what the consumers need, at least those US other international consumers with their own iTunes Store. We are lazy by nature and the pitfall of the previous software iteration of Apple TV is that it required customers to buy the movies/TV shows/songs via a computer first and then streaming those content off to Apple TV. Apple TV generation 2.0 cuts the middle man a.k.a. the computer out of the equation. Purchase everything you need form the Apple TV 2 interface itself and enjoy the content right from there. Moreover, purchased contents will be streamed back to the computer automatically. Wow… Does this smell of more impulse purchases right from the couch? Correction: Apparently this just requires a software update to enjoy the new goodies~! Cool~! The power of software…


Apple introduces MacBook Air: touted to be the world’s thinnest notebook with maximum thickness at only 1.94cm and weight at only 1.36kg. Ok, my heart is thumping real fast right now. Special feature: Multi-touch track pad. Now one can:

  • Move a window by double-tap and move.
  • Rotate a photo by pivoting your index finger around your thumb on the track pad.
  • And zoom in or out via an pinching action between two fingers.
  • Add all other imaginable features and extend the multi-touch track pad with software.

Engineering feat: the complete Mac board is only a little wider than the length of a pencil. This is what I call engineering!

No built-in CD/DVD drives? Apple has an ingenious solution. A special software named Remote Disc may be installed on other machines with optical drives. This allows MacBook Air to borrow their drives to install things from CDs/DVDs. You can even borrow drives from PCs. Files will just be sent over the wireless network~!

And have I mentioned that it has 5 hours of battery life?

Keynote over at 2:45am. Off I go to already brimming with new product. The front page provides quite a good summary of the whole keynote.

Post completed at 3:40am. Quite satisfied with the post. Off to bed. Zzz…


3 thoughts on “MacWorld Expo 2008 Keynote

  1. haha…U r really apple crazy…but not bad…make me this computer idiot also becomes curious and can’t help to wow even though there are some areas i dun understand…interesting…if apple is looking for a spokesperson, thnk u r the best choice…haha

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