Missing Spotlight Icon

Here are the weird symptoms I had last night on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.1 installed:

  • My Spotlight icon on the menu bar disappeared although Spotlight seems to be working still if I initiate a search in any Finder window
  • Clipboard stopped working totally as I cannot paste any text using ⌘+V even though I was sure there should be content there as ⌘+X worked fine. The Paste command on the menu bar was disabled too.
  • Adium didn’t allow me to drag the chat windows and merge or move their tabs.

After some searching, it seems that others were having the same issues too. I used Disk Utility to Repair Disk Permission on my Mac partition as suggested. True enough, there were files that had permissions problem. After everything was fixed, I rebooted my Mac and everything was back to normal~!

This is quite amazing considering that the guys over at MacBreak Tech said multiple times that repairing disk permission is usually useless. Hmm… I actually tried out the above method thinking that it wouldn’t work… Haha…


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