First Day in School

Woke up real early at 6.30am considering my first lecture of the semester only starts at 1oam. Toilet arrangements within the family again. Reached the Engine computer lab to get my notes printed then popped over to McDonalds to buy my breakfast. Had to do a take out since I was suppose to meet rainbfly early at the Science bus stop.

Which brings me the first excitement of the semester: I am taking a module with a friend again finally~! It has been a long time since I last actively sought people out to take the same module with me. Module name is Introduction to Electronic Commerce and I have to say that I like the voice of my lecturer~! I almost expected her to say “I used to dub for an animation company…” when she was introducing herself to us. Haha… First lecture seemed easy enough, good start for the semester~!

Oh and I received a Happy-2nd-Day-of-Semester gift from rainbfly! Featuring a less-girlish watermelon flavor lollipop (these are her descriptions), a strip of Haribo Roulette, and a personalized message card… Wee~!!!

My Tuesdays are meant to have lectures back-to-back from 10am to 3pm. Next module for the day: Professional Communication. I rushed over to the next venue only to find no one in the classroom. Checked the module website only to find out that first lectures for the module only starts next week. URGHS~! The only comfort I had was there were two other guys who were equally blur as me. Haha…

Then it was more notes printing and then a quick lunch (alone) before my most dreaded lecture of the semester: Biomedical Imaging Systems. It’s a level 4000 module and the only reason I took this as my Bioengineering elective was because of my interest in bioimaging. To my surprise, I see two of my Bioengineering seniors in the lecture hall as I entered. YEAH~!!! Mugging buddies~! The lecturer was good too. He seemed energetic (for his age) and knows what he is doing. Knowing that he’s the Programme Director for Sensors Exploitation at DSO National Laboratories also helped in ensuring me that this module wasn’t so hopeless after all…

Next, it’s journey to ASHF’s house. As weird as it sounds, I was going to have a choreography session there. On my way there, I briefly browsed the textbook for Introduction to Electronic Commerce, which costs a whopping $40. Surprisingly (or not), I find the textbook interesting~! With case studies involving Amazon, P2P and Google, this just screams for my full attention.

Choreography session at ASHF’s house was a rather successful one. We cleared the furniture to the sides of the living room and we had quite a decent space for the session, albeit a low-ceiling version. However, everybody was so worried about getting parts of their body chopped off by the revolving ceiling fan throughout the session. Siew Wan almost finished her item’s choreography and the dancers in her item experimented with several lift variations. ASHF finally had the chance to have all his dancers for his item present and did a run down. It was already 10pm by the time we were done la~

Not a bad way to kick start the semester. 好的开始是成功的一半~!


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